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  • Clothing Sales  – 
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  • SHIRTS all white with dual shield
        MED-LG-XL-XXL     $35 + $10.45 postage

  • HATS – $12 + $5.45 postage
  • TIE  $25 (includes postage)



  • Jewelry  – 
    This beautiful jewelry pin is perfect for you special escort to wear at all 55th events.



    • Lithographs  – 
               Brigadier General Regis Urschler commissioned the noted aviation artist Richard Wong to do this beauty. It depicts the P-51s and P-38 of the 55th Fighter Group and the “Gunfighter”  — Guarding our Freedom
                General Urschler has donated a limited number of these lithographs to the 55th Wing Association.
      (unframed) lithograph $60 plus $8 P&H
         – (unframed) lithograph numbered and signed $100 plus $8 P&H


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  • Book Store  – Several 55th Wing associated authors have books available for your purchase. Contact the author directly for their books. 
  • Bruce Bailey –  
    We See All. a Pictorial History of the 55th Strategic Reconnaissance Wing, 1982

       –The Elite: The Chosen Few, 2007
       –Rencounter (By R. Adam Solo), 2001
       –As the Crow Flies (By R. Adam Solo), 2000
       –Essential, But Expendable (By R. Adam Solo), 2000
       –Flying the RB47, 2000
       –Red-Headed and Wrong-Handed, 1999
  • Bill Grimes –      -The History of Big Safari
  • Wolf Samuel  Dear Friends and Aviators,   For $25 (a break even price for me which includes postage) I’ll mail  an inscribed copy anywhere in the US. Send me an address and any special dedication you want me to include. Note: Although German Boy also came out as a paperback, I have only the hardback available.  (The paperback is available through Amazon or your local bookstore). 
         – (2000) German Boy: A Refugee’s Story.
         – (2001) I Always Wanted to Fly: America’s Cold War Airmen.
         – (2002) The War Of Our Childhood: Memories of World War Two.
         – (2004) American Raiders: The Race to Capture the Luftwaffe’s Secrets.
         – (2006) Coming to Colorado: A Young Immigrant’s Journey to Become an American Flyer.
         – (2008) Glory Days: The Untold Story of the Men Who Flew the B-66 Destroyer into the Face of Fear.
         – (2010) Watson’s Whizzer’s: Operation Lusty and the Race for Nazi Aviation Technology.
         – (2015) In Defense of Freedom: Stories of Courage and Sacrifice of World War II Army Air Forces Flyers.
        – (2019) Silent Warriors, Incredible Courage: The Declassified Stories of Cold War Reconnaissance Flights and the Men Who Flew Them. click here
  • Robert S. Hopkins, III
    The Boeing B-47 Stratojet: Strategic Air Command’s Transitional Bomber
        -The Boeing KC-135 Stratotanker: More Than a Tanker
        -Spyflights and Overflights: US Strategic Aerial Reconnaissance 1945-1960
  •  Tommy Towery
        – We Were Crewdogs I – The B-52 Collection 2005
        – We Were Crewdogs II – More B-52 Crewdog Tales 2010
    We Were Crewdogs III – Peace Was Our Profession 2007
        – We Were Crewdogs IV – We Had To Be Tough     2010
        – We Were Crewdogs V – We Flew the Heavies   2010
        – We Were Crewdogs VI -Freedom Is Not Free     2012
        – We Were Crewdogs – The Vietnam Collection  2009
        – A Million Tomorrows… Memories of the Class of ’641991
        – Growing up in “The Rocket City” (Where the Action Was!) 2010
  • John Witzel
       – Saving Tres Rios
       – Saving Vengeance 
  • Rex Romaine Bahr
      – Driving and Me
       – Migraines & Me 


    • Aviation Art  – by Mark Pestana     (Mark was a pilot in the 38th SRS)


  • “The Silent War” by Mark Pestana