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140129 -Taps Curzon
140124 -Return to Normandy2014
140109- McKone Interment

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From: <MaxMoore55@aol.com>
Date: Wed, Jan 29, 2014 at 2:52 PM
Subject: TAPS Danny Curzon
One of a kind, Danny passed yesterday morning.
He had been in the hospital then a nursing home for some time, knee surgery, pneumonia, etc. Was at home and passed suddenly, most likely from  congestive heart failure.
Words are from Hanna. She and a granddaughter from here will be driving to Tulsa on Sat. There is a visitation on Sunday.
Moore details as they come it.
Widow Linda's address: 220 N Butternut Ave, Broken Arrow, OK, 740-8651
Obit and details in the link. Lots of info.
Another good guy gone west.
VO, Max


From: Tom Dawes [mailto:muskymall@gmail.com]
Sent: Friday, January 24, 2014 12:37 PM
To: Reg Urschler
Subject: Return to Normandy: 2014


Gen Urschler,   Dad is doing well.  We both belong to the National War Plane
Museum at Geneseo, NY.  This Link will take you to a project you might be
interested in supporting.  So far everything is on skd but it is quite an
undertaking  and I am trying to get the word out.  If you could help spread
the word and support the project in anyway I know the folks at the museum
would appreciate it.

Thanks, Tom Dawes Jr/
( LTC Tom Dawes 343SRS RB47NAV Forbes 55-66

From: Mcmahon, Ricky J CTR (US) <ricky.j.mcmahon.ctr@mail.mil>
Date: Thu, Jan 9, 2014 at 1:26 PM
Subject: McKone Interment Ceremony
A successful outing this morning to Arlington National Cemetery and the support given to the McKone family.  The 55th Wing was well represented with 17 individuals I know of showing up by 0830 to meet and greet the family.  There may have been an 18th representative if the guy that showed up as we were walking to our cars to start the processional at 0900 was Lou Eisenberg in the 55th Wing Association blue baseball cap.  As the pictures indicate, some of us were able to gather in the parking lot after the ceremony to smile for the camera phone. 

       I brought along some 55th Wing Association pins and provided them to the attendees that didn't remember theirs -- showed the immediate family that John's recce family was there to support them.  I talked to Judy and Lori, two the four daughters, and provided Judy a few pins to distribute to the family members -- she noticed and asked about the lapel pins.  I'm thinking the grandkids were going to be the recipients of them.  Norma Jean tracked me down to say she has some memorabilia of John's that she wants to donate to the 55th Wing Association or the SAC Museum, which ever I thought was most appropriate.  We swapped contact information and I told her Cary & I would travel down to Hardyville, VA (due east of Richmond and due north of Norfolk on the Chesapeake Bay, about 2.5 hour drive) some weekend this winter, have lunch and retrieve the items.  She seemed very appreciative that I would be willing to do that.  She is such a nice lady and was in good spirits, wearing a smile on her face.


As for the ceremony, it was with full military honors -- horse drawn caisson, rifle team, honor guard/pallbearers, bugler, bagpipes and the band.  Graveside ceremony took about 15 minutes to set up (load the casket on the caisson, walk to the gravesite, unload the casket) and about the same amount of time for the Chaplin to perform the ceremony -- scripture, eulogy, poem, 21 gun salute, flag folding / presentation, and taps.  We were all grateful to be able to participate in this event and show our recce pride to the McKone family.  I have another picture of the casket on the caisson but for some reason can't get the electrons to hit my inbox.  Once I figure it out, I'll send that photo separately.

 R.J. Mac

 P.S.   Pinged all of them to update / submit their memberships and consider attending the Reunion / Ball in April.   Not sure they just gave me lip service but sounds like a good portion of that group may show up April at Omaha.

The 11 of the 17/18 representatives pictured in the first photo are:

Back Row:  Lt Col Mohan Krishna, Col Bruce Danskin, Col Dan Moy, Jeff Seinwill, and Maj Jeremy Smith

Front Row:  Trish Seinwill, Rick McMahon, Craig Allen, Rick Rankin, David Heininger, and Craig Porterfield

Photographer:  Steve Visco

In the second photo, the photographer was Craig Porterfield and Steve Visco took his place on the front row next to Dave Heininger.

Not pictured:  Mike Meermans, Bo Marlin, John Rued, Dennis Gillon, and Col Bill Tart (They all needed to get back to work I guess).

From: RMcMahon@scitor.com
Sent: 1/6/2014 12:45:08 P.M. Central Standard Time
Subj: FW: Info on RJ Commemorative Kimber
Owning one of these might be a great conversation starter for anyone attending the 55th Wing Association Reunion and 55th Wing Birthday Ball events this April (9-13).  I would sure like to see those 11 waiting to see if they can get one of these commemorative guns be joined by another 14 or more so the minimum order of 25 can be processed.....
R.J. Mac

 RJ Pistol [rivetjointpistol@gmail.com]
Sent: Saturday, January 04, 2014 3:25 AM
To: ;  Rivet Joint interested folks
Subject: Info on RJ Commemorative Kimber

This is the last notice to purchase the RJ commemorative pistol.  The deadline was extended until February 1, 2014.  Currently there are 11 pistols on order and 25 are required.  If the 25 orders are not reached, the total order will be canceled.  If you are not interested, please pass to those that might be.
The first order was for 91 pistols, so this batch will start at serial number RIVET-092.
You will contact Kimber directly, this email address is just to send the information out.
Please see attached order form for your group.  Please see the instructions below and ensure that they are sent with the order form.  If they are not followed carefully you will have an issue sending the form in the proper format. 
A few key points from Kimber:
1)      Please make sure everyone is aware that you must legally be able to obtain possession of the pistol from a Federal Firearms Dealer.   Although we prefer to ship to one dealer we understand this cannot happen. If anyone chooses to ship to a separate FFL they must contact the dealer and find out if they will handle the transfer if they will the cost to ship a single pistol to a dealer is $35.00.  They will need to ask the dealer to send me a copy of their FFL referencing their name and the group name. This information can come after the orders are placed and production has started
2)      Please make sure everyone is aware that the lead time is 18-24 weeks from when we close the ordering process charge and clear all the cards and enter the order on the system.
3)      Please instill that when sending correspondence or calling that they reference the group name.  I can be working with as many as 20 groups at a time and want to make sure I have all the information I need.
4)      If anyone is following the Instructions and is still having issues submitting they can contact me directly (see contact info below)
5)      These pistols are cannot be cancelled or refunded once the order is entered for production

Here are the instructions for filling out the form:
First Name, Last Name

Address, City, State(Abbreviated), ZIP
Phone – JUST 10 DIGITS NO DASHES OR 1 (e.g. – 1234561234)
Your NON-MILITARY E-MAIL ADDRESS. – (e.g. – tkosar@kimberamerica.com NO UPPER CASE)
Check box – check only one.
Credit Card Number – Enter  four per box -  e.g: 4228 1223 4556 7778
(Note: AMEX cards will only contain three digits in the last box.)
Expiration –Please enter two digits for the month and four digits for the year - e.g.: 03 2015
Card code – Enter 3 digits from the back of Visa, MC and Discover, 4 digits from the front of AMEX. 
Signature – Only if mailing in the order. (if you sign the form and save it, it will not be sent in the proper format)

Submit by email button – Please use this button once you have filled out the form completely.
It will pull up an email with my email address tkosar@kimberamerica.com and an .xml data file attached to it.
Please change the “Subject” Line of the email to read:
Make sure if you are ordering more than one pistol you add to the subject line of each email –
           Send the email.
For mail in orders – Please fill out the form completely and click on the “PRINT FORM” button. Then Mail the information with the Check or Money order. Mail one form per pistol
I want to personally thank you and your group for trusting KIMBER with your commemorative pistol. It will be an honor to create it for you.

Teresa Kosar - Commemorative Pistol Coordinator
Kimber Mfg., Inc.
555 Taxter Road – Suite 235, Elmsford, NY 10523
O: 914-909-1946  F: 914-909-1999
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