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from:   annie jacobsen <anniejacobsen@mac.com>
to:      jim@maloney.com
date:     Fri, Apr 29, 2011 at 3:09 PM
subject:     Col. Pizzo referral
Hi Jim,
As web manager of the 55th Recon Wing Association, Col. Sam Pizzo asked me to include you in some of my forthcoming publicity announcements (see below).
Col. Pizzo is featured in my forthcoming book and is a Cold War superstar!
Kind regards,
Annie Jacobsen

Begin forwarded message:
From: "Dewey, Nicole" <Nicole.Dewey@hbgusa.com>
Date: April 29, 2011 8:56:34 AM PDT
To: "Dewey, Nicole" <Nicole.Dewey@hbgusa.com>, +HBG-LB-PUBLICITYBREAKINGNEWS <HBG-LB-PUBLICITYBREAKINGNEWS@hbgusa.com>
Subject: National Media Update for AREA 51 by Annie Jacobsen/ 978-0-316-13294-7--5/17/11

I’m thrilled to share new confirmed media and new confirmed air and run dates for Annie Jacobsen’s AREA 51!

National Media:
May 16, ABC Good Morning America
May 16, ABC Nightline
May 17, NPR Fresh Air
May 17, Fox News, Hannity
May 17, ABC Radio Satellite Tour, May 17
May 17 or 19, Comedy Central Daily Show
May 17, Los Angeles Times, Review
May 17, Bloomberg, Review
May 17, Washington Post, Review
May 17, Publishers Weekly, Review
May 20, Fox News Radio Alan Colmes Show,
May 22, NatGeo Documentary, "Area 51 Declassified,"
Date TK, C-SPAN Book TV, Event Coverage

May 18 Washington, DC/Spy Museum
May 23 San Francisco/Commonwealth Club
May 24 Dallas, TX/World Affairs Council
May 25 Los Angeles, CA/Google, Lunch Event
May 26 Las Vegas, NV/Paseo Verde Library
June 2 Santa Monica Public Library
July 26 Los Angeles Public Library
(Area 51; Little, Brown; 05/17/2011; 978-0-316-13294-7)

Nicole Dewey| Executive Director of Publicity
212-364-1204 | nicole.dewey@hbgusa.com

Annie Jacobsen
Los Angeles Times Magazine
Backstory by Annie Jacobsen
310.892.4035 iPhone
from:   MaxMoore55@aol.com
date:   Mon, Apr 18, 2011 at 2:33 PM
subject:    Recon Roundup Reunion Reminder
Fellow 55thers:
          This is just a friendly reminder that we are about two weeks away from the hotel and registration target date (4 May) for the special room rate and head count.
And folks, it is going to be a grand one. Outstanding company and friends, good locale in the middle of the country, great agenda, nice weather, et al. You won't want to miss it.
BBQ and trip to Greenville, very popular. Golf, not so much.
          At this point we have about a third of the number needed to meet the hotel contract, and are in need of a surge to hit the goals. So, this is a nudge to you late planners to send in your registration forms, make the hotel reservations and plan the trip to the Recon Roundup. (Yee, haw!!)
The form is attached and on the Association web site.
There is also plenty of information and details on the reunion on the Association web site at 55wa.org You can also check there to see who is already signed up.
          Whether you have signed up or not, please feel free to forward this missive to other alumni and comrades who want to attend.
             Thank you for your cooperation.
             Videmus Omnia = (Loosely translated: See y'all there!)
from:   MaxMoore55@aol.com
date:   Tue, Apr 12, 2011 at 1:41 PM
subject:   Small victory
As I was in the Wing HQ today, in the hallway outside the Ops Group office, I encountered Col Hansen. Pleasantries exchanged, then he proudly pointed out there was a new Ops Gp formation picture with him in the lead spot, natch.
I took the opportunity to walk him over to the history wall just to the right of the office door, and once again pointed out to him (as I have to at least the last five Ops Gp CCs) that the aircraft depicted there was a B-47 bomber, which was never in the 55th inventory. (I don't not count the Tell Twos, which at least were modified bombers and legitimate recon aircraft in the 55th, and would have been somewhat acceptable).
To his credit, instead the usual lip service, he open up the frame and took the picture out, and said he would see it was made correct.
I thanked him and moved down the hall to alert Historian McQ that his assistance may be required, and suggested he look up a good photo of an RB-47H. (Which I also had suggested in the past.)
We shall see what we shall see.
Proud to serve.
Another case of ''We See All", Max
from:   Reg Urschler <thegunfighter@cox.net>
date:   Wed, Apr 6, 2011 at 11:14 PM
subject: RE: Post Birthday Ball Reflections
Sounds like another successful event. Sorry we missed it.
BTW….the recent base newspaper coverage stated the 55th FG originated in Florida. Wonder where they get their info and if they think of having someone from the Association proof it prior to publishing.
V.O., Reg

from:   JThomas927@aol.com
date:   Wed, Apr 6, 2011 at 10:46 PM
subject:   Post Birhday Ball Reflections

              All here have had a week to settle down back to the normal pace of events. The many months of build up to what was once called, the week before the Birthday Ball, are now past and the void is upon us. Perhaps this is a good time for a bit of reflection. The March 31, 2011 headliner in the “BASE” newspaper did have the right title ….
”55th Wing Celebrates Heritage Week”, but not the right flavor nor all the facts.
              Heritage Week, as far as the troops were concerned, started on the 15th of May at the
memorial for tail # 61-2664. The 45th Reconnaissance Squadron led by Lt Col Brian Humphreys stepped forward to put on a grand memorial to our comrades lost some 30 years ago. Steps are in motion for the 55th Wing Association to assist in what will become an annual event.
              Tuesday nite there was another class act by the 55th Wing Association…
dinner out with the new wing commander. The Association is nothing new to BGen Don Bacon, a member back to 2003; this was a chance for local members to meet and welcome back to the 55th BGen Bacon and to orient him to our presence, purposes and involvement with the Wing. Good food, good drink and great friendships made for a grand evening.
                 Fast forward to Thursday after the first half of the week was overrun by folks disappearing over events in Libya and the 55th Commanders Conference here at Offutt… Thursday thru Saturday was just a blur. On Thursday, March 24, BGen Bacon and the 55th Honor Guard along with Jan York, mother, and Jennifer Stratton, wife, of the late Lt Col Mark Stratton II, unveiled
Stratton Avenue , a memorial to this 55th veteran who lost his life to an IED in Afghanistan. This being another testament that the 55th does not forget its heroes.
                 Friday then gets off to a fast pace . Our own Ricky Mac again at the McMahon Lounge at the
338th Combat Training Squadron starting a tradition with the Royal Air Force cadre assigned to Rivet Joint training with the 338th…a challenge with a yard of ale for those Brits graduating from our CCTS. And a good time was had by all, over the noon hour. Shortly thereafter began the Hall of Fame Induction of the Terrible Triad… Mike, Robb and Max. A dignified and respectful ceremony where three patriots who have dedicated themselves to service to the 55th were appropriately honored. After many friendships were renewed and family members recognized, a majority of the participants adjourned across the base to the Airman’s Leadership School and the Tales of the 55th.
                   The 12th
Tales got under way a few minutes late awaiting for DV arrival. BGen Bacon, Maj Gen Poss and The Reverend, Maj Gen (Sel) Jim Jones and Heidi in attendance, retirees, active duty and a cadre of the Royal Air Force made up an active crowd. Once the action started, not even Nebraska Public Television could have their say. An abbreviated tale of the monuments to the 55th Fighter Group and acknowledgement of memorial projects currently in progress…a museum at Nuthampstead and a stained glass window in a 12th century abbey in Wormingford. The success of the Tales this year lay ahead in the three presentations. Fitz Carty held the crowd in his hand relating a mission against Gaddafi’s Line of Death and being chased by Libyan Mig fighters. Robb Hoover’s tale about a 4- ship coordinated mission over the Baltic flown with RAF 51 Squadron was a winner. Wing Commander Crosby came forward, requested stage time, presenting Robb with an official squadron patch but refusing to comment on any of the happenings over the Baltic as he remarked that the 51 Squadron mission details had not been declassified yet by Her Majesties Government. That got a loud chuckle. The action then came to a stand still as Robb called an audible...introducing two ladies who had just come in the door...Maria Goforth McAtee and her daughter Linda from Washington D.C. The Tales was closed out with the current missions of the 55th Wing’s EC-130J Compass Call flown by the 55th Electronic Combat Group, “JAM IT”... and a toast to all those deployed.
                    Then the grand finale…the
Birthday Ball...an action packed, solid three hours of pomp, ceremony, recognition(Award of Excellence, Hall of Fame) and celebration, great food and old friends set at the beautiful convention center next to the Embassy Suites Hotel in Ralston. All dressed in their finest and enjoying the events thru the dancing and serious partying at hushed locations nearby til the early hours. The RAF lived up to all expectations. They were an integral part of the Ball.WOW! What an ending to a fantastic celebration and acknowledgement of the heritage of the Fightin' Fifty Fifth.
              So what is the Offutt mafia of the 55th Wing Association doing about now for the cause… paying the bills and not much else. Do you really believe that? It is however, about time for a little rest and continued planning for our reunion in May, the legal challenges of our next Birthday Ball and Tales of the 55th and all that these events include, document storage, picture hoarding, news letter building…saving the execution for later. BGen Bacon will do his best to keep his calendar clear to attend our reunion. Again, what a way to start off a new year cycle of 55thAssociation business than our reunion.
I hope you can make it.