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110211 - USAirways 1549 -Ernst
110210 - "Tale of two airplanes" - Hinkel
110210 - MG Jones assignment - MMoore
110210 - E.Neb Vets Home - Spadaro
110208 - ShemyaHanger2- Urschler
110208 - Offutt News - Urschler
110206 - Offutt News - Hoover


from:    Bill Ernst <bill.ernst1@cox.net>
to:      jim@maloney.com,
date:   Fri, Feb 11, 2011 at 9:47 PM
subject:   USAirwaysFlight1549.pdf
This deserves posting on the web.
(click here to see attachment)
from:   Clark Hinkel <crhinkel@verizon.net>
to:    jim@maloney.com
date:    Thu, Feb 10, 2011 at 10:37 PM
subject:I just found "A Tale of Two Airplanes" by King Hawes
I just got finished reading “A Tale of Two Airplanes” by King Hawes. I found it accidentally while I was navigating through the site (great website, Kudos to you!). I spent two hours reading it and the hyperlinks. Absolutely outstanding! Anyone associated with the 55th should make this a mandatory read! I am going to “advise” some of our mutual friends that this is something you definitely want to read.
An absolutely great read!!!
(story can be found here.... web-guy)
from:  MaxMoore55@aol.com
date:  Thu, Feb 10, 2011 at 9:17 PM
subject:  FYI Former wing king

                                              MAJ GEN (S) JAMES J. JONES
Deputy Director, Operations, J-3, Headquarters United States Central Command, MacDill AFB, FL

Deputy Commander, Air Forces Central Command; Deputy, Combined Force Air Component Commander, United States Central Command and Vice Commander, 9th Air Expeditionary Task Force, Air Combat Command, Southwest Asia
from:      Mark Spadaro <mark.spadaro@gmail.com>
date:      Thu, Feb 10, 2011 at 11:46 AM
subject:     Legacy Veteran Garden at the Eastern Nebraska Veterans Home
     As a long time member of the 55th Wing Association, I am asking for you assistance to get the word out about a major problem in our area.
     When the Eastern Nebraska Veterans Home was constructed, project cost overruns caused the state to move funds from other areas to complete construction of the structure. One way the state accomplished this was by taking the funding from the hardscape and landscape area, the veterans back yard.
     For our veterans, that area is now a barren area and eroding mess. That eliminates an area from our veterans to get out of the building. Much as many of us have a finished back yard or the ability to get easily to a park, they do not. I am sure you all share my feeling that not giving our veterans a place to get out and enjoy the outdoors is appalling. The plans call fro this area to also be open to the public. The group also has a plan to provide for perpetual care of the finished areas. Perpetual care funding plan removes that burden from taxpayers.
     I am asking for your help. Attached is information about what this group of 4 civilians, yes they are not veterans, have taken upon themselves to right this wrong.
     The attached press release describes what they are doing to get this project completed. The other press release is about their April 29th golf fundraiser at Tregaron Golf Course.
     I am asking any and all organizations that I am a member of or familiar with to place the news release and fundraiser information in their newsletters, web sites and any other way they know to get the word out. The April fundraiser is only a few months away.
     Thank you for your help, I can be reached at anytime to discuss this project at 402 210 3785.
Mark "Vito" Spadaro

( I just purchased a brick for the Legacy Veterans Garden and recommend it to you also.... :-) web-guy)
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From: Larry Cobb and Pavel Finnegan to Reg.....
from:  Regis Urschler <thegunfighter@cox.net>
date:  Tue, Feb 8, 2011 at 9:51 PM
subject:   FW: Hangar 2 WWII
That is a great shot and brings back many memories of the time I spent on alert in Hangar two during the two years we were at Eielson from '65-'67.
"Wanda Belle" was hungered here as were the mx troops, Det. staff and flying crew, as you know. I can recall vividly responding to the klaxon at all hours of the day....and night....sitting in the cockpit at the mx troops started the MD-3 and "walked" it out of the hangar where the chocks were placed under the wheels, we got the OK sign in the cockpit and fired the cartridge on number four for an alert start. The details remain fresh in my mind of the entire operation....flying and ground...mess hall...movies..."Boozer" the dog....and "Gypsy", the "junior dog...and all the related incidents. Checking the Russian "fishing(?)boats" at low level, and the boys in the back shooting photos. I could go on and on. Bottom line....the most challenging flying in my AF career and the most rewarding. Morale was high...motivation was unexcelled...pride self-evident...in spite of the rotten conditions. Our "Alert" vehicle should have been condemned and in the dump. We had to use wire to keep the doors closed. New equipment designated for our use at Shemya never made it beyond Elmendorf. Somehow(?) Alaskan Air Command deemed their mission more critical than ours.

Our take-off and landing minimums were 200' and one half mile vis with max allowable book limit crosswinds at 37 knots with runway conditions reported as wet or icy, IR8! Holding 15 to 20 degrees drift correction to maintain final approach course while on a GCA precision approach in the soup...day and night...was something one never forgets. We had to raise the flaps from 50 to 40 degrees to have ground minimum control speed and when we did, it increased our touchdown speed and the resultant stopping distance (on a 9,900' runway) Crews today think we're stretching the truth when we share these experiences, but as you know....and all those who flew with us then...know that's the "way it was"!
Won't happen again, guaranteed! And I would not trade the experience for anything.
By the way, reference Packers/"Stillers"....looks like the Pittsburgh QB
"recklessburger's" "chicks" finally came home to roost. Pity.
P.S. I see the following aircraft in the photo: B-17; Martin B-26; B-25;NAVY single tail B-24 equivalent.

from::   Regis Urschler <thegunfighter@cox.net>
date:   Tue, Feb 8, 2011 at 9:29 PM
subject:   Offutt News
What are your thoughts on asking Jim Maloney publishing the picture of Marv on the 55th web. While the number of “old” warriors who might remember him are fading quickly, I suggest there may remain a few who would be interested in seeing an old comrade, especially with the very fine salute he renders. As you know, he was with Jim Riley on the RB-47 training flight from Yokota when they could not lower the landing gear and subsequently landed on a foamed runway at Guam. Minimum to the airplane. The only injury when Marv jumped from the end of the wing after the airplane came to a halt and they evacuated and he broke his leg.
Travel safe.
From: robbhoover@aol.com [mailto:robbhoover@aol.com]
Sent: Sunday, February 06, 2011
Subject: Offutt News

338th Squadron hosted a First Friday Beer Call at the Offutt Community Center Friday (former NCO Club.) Great turnout. A couple hundred aviators including many from the RAF detachment. ( I understand they will be invited to Tales/Birthday Ball.)

I was talking to one of the RAF lads..."Ash"... and admiring his patch. So he ripped it off and gave it to me. It will be the newest addition to my party flight suit. Apparently "Omnituens" is another Latin phrase meaning "We See All."


More talk about the Doolittle Raiders Reunion (14-17 Apr) having a gathering at the Raiders Lounge perhaps at lunchtime on Friday Apr 15th. Plus some type of forum at the Club in which they would speak.


Stopped by last week and saw Marv Carcich at Papillion Manor. Gave him your regards. We reminisced about the old days. He said the only reason he is in that facility is that he tripped and broke his neck at home in the last year.

I took this picture while there and had my daughter drop him off some copies yesterday.