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From: Jack <>
Date: Sun, Jul 1, 2018 at 8:21 AM
Subject: 2018 Memorial Patio bricks
     We’ve reached the cutoff date (June 30th) for purchasing any bricks for the Memorial patio, with any hope to be installed by the end of the summer. Any additional orders will not be installed until next summer.
     I have two brick orders  (Hornor & Miller) in the queue to be engraved and installed for this summer. 
     Larry (Dodds): (Brick layout chart attached showing placement of these bricks in RED)

     DON E MILLER                      POPS HORNOR
   LTC 55SRW USAF                    EDWARD  G
     1945 TO 1967                               LTCOL  38SRS

Jack Kovacs
near Dayton, Ohio


From: <>
Subject: BoD picture, 14 June

Here is the photo of the group taken at Prez Joe’s social.
More there than at some reunions, a quorum, even.
VO, Max

note: since McMahon was to be in town for a visit, President Spivey called together the locals for an impromptu Social Board Meeting.L-R: Moore, Kennedy, Spivey, Dugie,Ernst, Maloney, Cook, Thomas, Krishna, McMahon

Sent: Tue, May 22, 2018 2:52 pm
    Subject: Mo retirement
 ………. I and several other former 55th’ers attended Mo Krishna’s retirement yesterday at Bolling AFB.  Rep Don Bacon, BGen retired, presided.  Lt Gen Harris, AF/IG (Mo’s boss) hosted.  Noteable 55th attendees:  Maj Gen John & Diane Rauch — AF/SE, Col (ret) Dave & Laurie Heininger — Calvert, Col (ret) Ben & Katina Ungerman — Rep Bacon staff in Omaha, Col Carl Mizner — J32, Col (ret) Sean Pennington — Lockheed Martin, LtCol (ret) Bob McMillan — civilian ACC/A3CR, Maj Kevin Sword — ACC/A3CR, Maj John Casey — AF/A2O, Maj Alexa Quandt — AF/A2O, and I am sure I missed a few.  I will send a few more pictures in subsequent email.
…… R.J. Mac

 On Sat. April 7th at the SAC Museum 55th WA President Joe Spivey presented a wreath on the Assn’s behalf at the RAF 100th Anniversary ceremony.
      Sq Ldr Adrian, Ken Bauer and Mike Hoskins took it from the SAC Museum following the afternoon festivities and placed it at Lt Jarvis Offutt’s Omaha gravesite.  VERY appropriate—and nice touch.
From: Sq Ldr Adrian
Sent: Monday, April 9, 2018 2:52 PM
Subject: RAF/USAF Anniversary Event – Thank You!
Sir, All,
Thank you for supporting the RAF / USAF Anniversary Event at the SAC Museum 
on Saturday. It was a pleasure to work with all of you, and thank you for making it such a success. It was great to see both of our services working together in such an amazing setting, speaking to the visitors and being so passionate about our shared aviation history, ongoing experiences together and future. …
V/r,  Ade
— see article on event in new RAF Waddington ‘Insight’ Magazine