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                                                            Thomas Franklin MONCUR
Tucson, AZ, and Esterbrook, WY.
January 25, 1926 to January 15, 2017.  
    Following his wishes, Tom was cremated and his ashes will be interred at Arlington National Cemetery along with the ashes of his wife, Alice Helen Cushman Moncure. Tom served in the United States Air Force during
World War II, the Korean Conflict, and the Vietnam War. He retired from the USAF as a Lt. Colonel in 1970. He then worked for Lockheed-Martin and retired in 1991. He is survived by his son, Stephen; his daughter-in-law, Tracy; and his granddaughters, Shannon Moncure (Gary Fehr), Erin Moncure, and Megan Moncure; and his sister-in-law, Diane Moncure. He was preceded in death by his parents, Frankie and James D. Moncure, Sr.; his wife; and his brothers, Mac and James. The family wishes to thank the wonderful caregivers at Via Elegante Assisted Living and Casa de la Luz Hospice for taking such good care of him the past few years.

Published in the Arizona Daily Star on Feb. 8, 2017

Tom Moncure passed on 15 January in Tucson, AZ.
He was a true professional. I remember he came into the 55th as a 1st Lt EWO and left after 20 consecutive years in the 55th SRW at Forbes and Offutt. He retired in 1970, as I recall, as a Lt.Col.
An obit has not been published. His wife Alice, passed in May 2008.
Condolences can be sent to his son, Stephen at:  39486 Diamond Bay Dr., Tucson, AZ 85739
….. Max

From: Reg Urschler
Date: Tu, Jan 31, 2017
Tom Moncure as I knew him.
          I first met Tom Moncure in early July 1956 sitting at the bar at the Yokota Officer’s Club where I was “recovering” from nearly running out of fuel on the first crossing of the Pacific by three RB-47H’s from Forbes scheduled to replace the RB-50’s from Biggs AFB. I was a 2nd Lt and Tom a 1LT although I didn’t know it as we both were in civvies. It was start of the daily “twofers” (two for a quarter) at the club and as I sat on a bar stool I noticed the guy next to me nursing a Martini and a cigarette and commented to him my surprise and pleasure on the price of the drinks. Tom looked at me, said nothing and returned to his solitude. I had made quite an impression!
          My next encounter was at Forbes where Tom was assigned to either the 38th or 343rd sometime in late 1956 or early 1957 after transferring to Forbes from Biggs along with many of the other former RB-50 crewmembers, pilots, navs and EW’s. RR Smith, JT Bennington, Willie Lowman, Bill Boughton, Carl Seely, Glen Duer and many more. They brought an RB-29 and their spot promotions as Crew S-100 and the RB-29 sat on the ramp in front of the 343rd HQ building and never flew again…except to the boneyard. This was after the huge influx of new copilots and EW’s who had arrived at Forbes in the Summer of 1955 in anticipation of the change in mission from photo to elint. I don’t recall on whose crew Tom was assigned but  those who read this and were there at the time could provide that data.
           My next encounter was at Shemya in 1965-66. Tom was PCS on a one year assignment at the “Rock” assigned as TC (Tactical coordinator) on the RC-135 "Wanda Belle", tail number 91491 . We… CP Gene McHugh or Tom Boyd and NAV Tom Shepherd would spend a week TDY from Eielson at the Rock flying the “Belle”, with Tom and his crew of backenders (EW's and USAFSS troops) chasing Soviet ICBM’s impacting on Kamchatka. The Det. Commander was Lt Col Fritz Wallen and the Ops officer Lt Col Kincheloe, both former KC-135 types from Castle. Those were some “interesting” times as the “backenders” would relate today. I recall taking the aircraft to Wright Pat for upgrades with the entire backend crew and during the TDY and modifications when Tom regularly would convene one of his “how-goes-it-meetings” to compare notes.
            Tom fit the description of those assigned to the 55th SRW as “unique” and he certainly fit in that category. A brilliant and “far-thinking” technician, I would estimate his IQ at somewhere well “North” of 150 and certainly in the Mensa category, although I’m not familiar with the requirements for entry. He was a professional, a warrior and a patriot and I was fortunate to have known, associated and flown with him.
           May he now Rest in Peace. Tail Winds and Blue Skies Tom. ‘Til we meet again.
Reg Urschler

 Paul Fortin [mailto:paulfortin8948@yahoo.com
Sent: Thursday, FebruarTo: Reg Urschler
Subject: Tom Moncure

Here's some addendum  from  my old files and memory when he was assigned to Don Mather's crew.
Mather's ERB crew deployed to Adana, Turkey April 1958. The crew consisted of:
     Don Mather - Ervin Goeden - Jim Bones - William Kane - Tom Moncure
I deployed same place, same time on Dick Campbell,s crew. Grady Stapp's crew was also deployed there same time.
We are well and busy. Just returned from a quick 8 day cruise in western Caribbean to escape Midwest winter. Jane also adds the Tom's son, Steve, was a 3rd grade student of hers at Quinton Heights here in Topeka in 1956-57.She encountered Steve at a previous 55th Reunion.
Thanks for informing me of yet another old warriors' passing.
       ...Paul Fortin