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 STORIES of the past reflecting activities, experiences, or antics, executed by members of the
55th SRW and the 55th Wing. If you have a hero, tell us about that,
or if you have a story (Non-Fiction)  that would be of interest to the membership,
write that up for posting in this directory of the website. An explanatory paragraph
(by the author) should accompany the story stating it is a non-fiction historical article
to the best of the writer's knowledge.
Send 1-2 page story (with photos) to jim@maloney.com
CREW DOG GAZETTES appeared in the 55th Wing in the 1970s and later resurfaced in the early 1980s.  A few have been re-discovered and are posted here. If any more are found, please send to be posted for all to enjoy.
  44. Teasing the Bear
Bill Watkins
43. 55th ECM in 1943
George Penfield

42. 1972 TU128 Fiddler Photo
by Richard Barazzotto ("Zot")

41. A hot day in a Cold War
by Forrest Marion, Air Force Historical Foundation

40. Hula Hoop Project '73
by David Sheffey

39. Our 55th Ceremonial Bell
by Max Moore

38. Hanner's Story
by Gerald Hanner

37. RB47 Gear-Up Ldg
by Don Foster

36. Flight From Hell
by Tony Villari

35. Routine Night at the Office
by Sparky Adams

34. Cobra Jaw & Ac# 121
by Gary Nelson

33. A visit to Palm Park
by Tony Maurin

32. A Tribute to a Hero (Hanna)
by Armand Stolte

31. Air Refueling Support
by Lloyd Ward

30. Another Tell Two Tale
by Jack Kovacs

29.Navs and O'Hara
  by Bill O'Hara

28. Getting to know the RB-47
by Ben White

27. Symposeum: Cold War in Flames by Robb Hoover 26. Washateria Tycoon
by Charles Benyunes
25. Uh-Oh, an RB-47 Adventure 
by Bruce Bailey
24. Bogey at 3 O'Clock
by Richard  Barazzotto
23. Safety-Soviet Style
by Sam Pizzo
22. Make-a-Wish 
by Sam Pizzo

21. A TELL-TWO Tale
by Walt Stoll

20. All's Fair in Love and War
by Sam Pizzo

19. Good News - Bad News
by Ed Parker

18. Too much touchy-touchy
by Ed Parker

17. A Challenge to all RC-135 crew members
by Hugh Hunton

16. Operatiom Home Run
by Sam Pizzo

15. A Chronicle Of Longevity
by Max Moore

14. Aviation Cadet Days
by Jack Kovacs

13. A Tribute To Trous, Grace Period Two
by John Achor

12. My Tour At Forbes 
by Robert H. Goss

11. Winter Survival School, Topeka Style
by Sam Pizzo

10. My AC, LTC Woolbright
by Sam Pizzo
9. Train of Thought
by Frank Train
8. Keen' Reflections
by Richard 'Dick' Keen
7. Teriyaki steak&Abort Court
by David Sheffey
6. Incirlik Memories
by Roby Craft
5. Landing on Top of the World
by John Draper
 4. Beginning the 55th Mission
George Penfield
3. 'Badger' Formation
by Robert Hopkins
2. RB47H Radome Fix
by Buddy Goddard
1.Playing the Sympathy Card
by Bill OHara

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