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2018.0522 - Mo Krishna Retires
2018.0407 - RAF 100th Anniv
2018.0120 - 55th Friends in San Antonio
2018.0117 dinner in Old Town
2018.0114 - Cliff (Bucky) Shires


    Sent: Tue, May 22, 2018 2:52 pm
    Subject: Mo retirement
 .......... I and several other former 55th'ers attended Mo Krishna's retirement yesterday at Bolling AFB.  Rep Don Bacon, BGen retired, presided.  Lt Gen Harris, AF/IG (Mo's boss) hosted.  Noteable 55th attendees:  Maj Gen John & Diane Rauch -- AF/SE, Col (ret) Dave & Laurie Heininger -- Calvert, Col (ret) Ben & Katina Ungerman -- Rep Bacon staff in Omaha, Col Carl Mizner -- J32, Col (ret) Sean Pennington -- Lockheed Martin, LtCol (ret) Bob McMillan -- civilian ACC/A3CR, Maj Kevin Sword -- ACC/A3CR, Maj John Casey -- AF/A2O, Maj Alexa Quandt -- AF/A2O, and I am sure I missed a few.  I will send a few more pictures in subsequent email.
R.J. Mac

 On Sat. April 7th at the SAC Museum 55th WA President Joe Spivey presented a wreath on the Assn’s behalf at the RAF 100th Anniversary ceremony.
      Sq Ldr Adrian, Ken Bauer and Mike Hoskins took it from the SAC Museum following the afternoon festivities and placed it at Lt Jarvis Offutt’s Omaha gravesite.  VERY appropriate—and nice touch.
From: Sq Ldr Adrian
Sent: Monday, April 9, 2018 2:52 PM
Subject: RAF/USAF Anniversary Event - Thank You!
Sir, All,
Thank you for supporting the RAF / USAF Anniversary Event at the SAC Museum 
on Saturday. It was a pleasure to work with all of you, and thank you for making it such a success. It was great to see both of our services working together in such an amazing setting, speaking to the visitors and being so passionate about our shared aviation history, ongoing experiences together and future. ...
V/r,  Ade

                                               see article on event in new RAF Waddington 'Insight' Magazine

Some Air Force -55th alums gathered in San Antonio Jan 20th to Celebrate the life of John & Chris Olivo's son Jose Olivo.

L-R -Back row:  Howard Ham; Mike McFarland; Chaplain CH Lockin (not 55th); Stan Sievers, John Olivo, Theresa Censullo; Pearl McFarland; Diane Lockin (not 55th); Margaret Ham
Front row-Sitting: Jim Maloney; Fox Censullo; Cliff Lambert; Kay Lambert; Peg Maloney; Shirley Sievers; Chris Olivo.

--contributed by David Erteschik with several alums from the DC-based “squadron”. 
dinner last Wednesday, 17 Jan 18 in Old Town.

From left to right:
Rick Osmun – SNC Gorgon Stare, formerly a USAF Intel/Space guy…no formal connection to 55th - Gregg Johnson - Dave Heininger – on the phone with his bookie - Steve Visco - Mary Erteschik – joined us at the end of dinner to say hi - Jon Wilson - Dave Erteschik - Tom Andersen - Bill McKechnie

From: John Nolan [mailto:johnnolan3@windstream.net]
Sent: Sunday, January 14, 2018 10:35 AM
Subject: Cliff Shires, 343/38 Stan Eval Navigator
 … You might let the 55th folks know that Cliff is in hospice in Kearney, NE. They opened him up and found cancer throughout.

  It does not seem that it will be a long time. I have been trying to track down just where he is. The person that told me didn’t have that info.
From: Walter and Mary Schrecker <wschrecker@gmail.com>
Date: Mon, Jan 15, 2018 at 4:47 AM
Subject: RE: Cliff Shires, 343/38 Stan Eval Navigator
… Remember Cliff well. Honored to have served with him in 55th Stan/Eval at that time.   One of those men who pass through your life that leave you and the organization much better off for his professionalism, selfless service and great sense of humor.
Sad news, indeed.
55th Assn directory shows address at 4560 67th Road, Gibbon, NE. No e-mail known
Never married that I recall. He would show up at Tuesday brekky when in the area on  occasion.
I seem to remember he also flew with 2ACCS, and CSA in addition to recon sqds. Navigator, all round good guy.
Too bad this recent news.
VO, Max


Yes, it is true; Cliff never did email. He never did marry but he made a habit of dating “widder women” as he said. Bought a lot of nice shotguns from “widder women” too.

I know he is in Hospice in Kearney but so far I have been unable to nail down where. He is not at home. 

     His cousin told me about this and that guy is traveling to Kearney on Wednesday to a funeral and I assume he’ll let me know the details. I will let you all know if I learn more.

     I have talked to Cliff very briefly, less than a minute. He sounds very weak and in pain. Reportedly on the morphine drip.

     Best Regards, John (Nolan)

Thanks for the information. I had no idea he was sick. A sad day in the circle of life! He was a true professional in his craft!
Richard Holsinger

Cell 903-450-3388
Work 903-457-3403
Jan 16, 2018….

….  I spoke with Cliff’s brother today and will get an update first thing in the morning.  As of today they had tried to give him some chemo therapy but his blood pressure dropped to dangerous levels, so they stop that and have been trying to keep him comfortable.  His brother said he is awake and I hope to talk with him in the morning. I am coming to Nebraska this week to see Cliff and talk with the family.  I have to move my flying schedule around but will probably get there Saturday afternoon or Sunday and stay a few days. I’ll let you know what I find out.
Scottie (Ray Scott)