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1512 _Ltr from 55/CC
1511 - B47 Assn Reunion
1511 - 355th TFW Reunion
1508 - 1000Mission-RC135
1507 - Taps-Kaminski
1507 - 55Mem-Patio Cleanup
1505 - Russell Wendt
1505 - Bobby Russell
1505 - Taps-Hugh Waple
1505 - Hanley book
1504 - Wolf's New Book
1503 - 55th Wing CC change
1501 -C.T.Cullen Award


Happy Holidays!                                                                                                                        15 December 2015
I thought I'd take a few minutes provide you some information on what's happening at your Offutt AFB.  We have a really busy holiday calendar and lots of activities (see attached).  The General's Row is decorated with probably the same decorations some of you used in the past!  We hosted about 1500 people during our Tree Lighting ceremony at the Patriots Club...and as I understand it, this was one of our biggest tree event to date.  Yet, while we support our Airmen, families, dependents, and retirees this holiday season, we have aircraft and Airmen at 10 locations around the globe...so it is still true the "Sun never sets on the Fightin' Fifty Fifth!"

This year we have a few historic milestones approaching.  We just passed 25 consecutive years deployed to the Middle East which we think is the AF's longest continuous deployment in our Services' history.  In 2016, we are also celebrating two historic events.   First, we'll celebrate our 75th Anniversary...from the 55th Pursuit Group (1941) to today.  Second, we'll celebrate our 50th Anniversary of moving to Bellevue, Nebraska...this one I know the community will really rally around.  I'm really excited to highlight all three of these milestones.  In fact, we are calling 2016 the year of 25/50/75 and will emphasis these achievements during our May 21st Wing Birthday Ball and July 30-31 airshow.  Speaking of, plans are on track to host the airshow this year featuring the USAF Thunderbirds flying their  F-16s.  

For the wing, we are on the cutting edge of some amazing capabilities and integrating in ways we have not in the past.  We now fall under 25th Air Force, which is already paying big dividends.  We are focused on integrating ISR, electronic warfare and cyber capabilities today and tomorrow...and we really making some head way.  To support this emphasis, I'm pushing the wing to improve innovation, communication, and education.  I'm convinced we have to innovate to maintain our technological and combat edge...and the good news is our Airmen are fantastic and are motivated, dedicated and are incredibly smart.  Your Air Force is in good hands!

I'm sure many of you are aware the state of our runway has gained local media attention.  As we continue to work through the planning process, we'll provide updates, but so far, the staff work is trending positively.  

Thanks again for your service and continued support of Offutt and all our Airmen.  It really means a lot to all of us!

Please don't hesitate to contact me if you have any questions.  I'll try my best to send out notes of interest on a periodic basis.

Very respectfully,

Col Marty "Moose" Reynolds
55 WG/CC
DSN:  271-5555
"Mission, People, Pride!"

From: Errol Hoberman <sac-ewo@att.net>
Subject: B-47 Stratojet Association and, 91st Strategic Reconnaissance Wing Association Reunion
Date: Sun, Nov 29, 2015 at 7:07 PM
Please post on web and in newsletter.

B 47 Assn reunion    Save the dates:
28 Sept - 2 Oct Washington DC

From: Errol Hoberman <sac-ewo@att.net>
Date: Mon, Nov 23, 2015 at 4:41 PM

Many Navs & EWO's came into the 55th from the 355th in the late 60s and early 70s. from their SEA tour.
"The 42nd Electronic Warfare Squadron will have on open house and briefing during the 355th TFW reunion. All B-66, F- 105 folks of the 355th TFW are invited to the reunion. 
The reunion will be held in Tucson, AZ and Davis-Monthan AFB March 2-6, 2016. 
Questions ? E-mail 
Bigbill355fa@AOL.Com or call him at (330) 541-2653."
Thanks,  Errol

From: Steve Green <greenmsp@icloud.com>
Date: Sun, Aug 9, 2015 at 3:39 PM
Subject: From 55WA web site
To: "jim@maloney.com" <jim@maloney.com>
Hi Jim:0

I'm Steve Green, I flew at Offutt during Project Warrior for General Urshler, Col. Reggie Stewart and others. Here is a podcast I arranged on "The World of Aviation" Friday its General Urshler giving on heck of a intwrview. Feel free to post it on the 55th site. 

Interview with Gen. Urschler


Sempre Gumby!
Steve Green

I have numbered the 32 flyers from 1 through 32 for ease of reference (see attached photo & related numbers 1-32:  .... Larry

Flyers 1-10 kneeling in row 1, flyers 11-30 standing in rows 2 & 3 combined, and flyers 31 and 32 in the last (top) row. Rick Francona, from whom I received the first response, is flyer # 32 in my numbering scheme -- he recalled the names of several of the crew. 
       Kneeling - SAC Det 3, 55th SRW, commander Col. Harlan Hain is # 1 and flyers # 2-4 are U/I SAC crew, Stew Skeen is # 5, Rusty Mulligan is # 6, Ferguson is # 7, Gary Beadle (AMS) is # 8, Lane Parker is # 9, and an U/I AMT is # 10, 
      Composite Row Standing - U/I Raven is # 11, Ron Hack is # 12, U/I Raven is # 13, Dick Vogel is # 14, Don Richmond? is # 15, John Winder is # 16, Bob Rutan is # 17, Mark Washburn is # 18, Geno Poole is # 19, Jim Valet is # 20,
Unk is # 21, TommyLee Whitlock is # 22, Unk is # 23, Dave Johnson (leaning over Gary Beadle) is # 24, Unk is # 25, Butch LaBarre is # 26, Chuck Davis is # 27, Phil Sauer is # 28, Ray Meador is #29, Harold Hutchens (Hutchinson) is # 30, 
      Standing in Back - Rico Persinger is # 31, and Rick Francona is # 32.


On Aug 8, 2015, at 12:14 AM, Larry Tart larrytart@aol.com [PWG2] <PWG2-noreply@yahoogroups.com> wrote:
[Attachment(s) from Larry Tart included ] 
Guys (Especially 6916th SS/Athens vets from the mid-1970s),
 Please help me identify the 6916th troops in the attached photo of the 1000th RC-135 mission that was flown from Athenai Airport, probably in the spring of 1977 -- I am extrapolating the date based on the 500th mission in Oct 1975.
    I PCS'd from Athens in June '76, and I recognize a lot of the faces of the '16th troops, but not too many names. In the standing row, I believe the seventh guy from the left is Bob Rutan, and the two persons standing alone by the top od the ramp (back row) may be Wally Know and Rick Francona. Also, I believe that in the standing row, the fifth person from the right is Butch LaBarre.
     Who are some of the others in the photo?
 Thanks in advance.
 Larry Tart
     Sending from State College, PA        Home phone:  (814) 23 8-7067      www.larrytart.com
 To: larrytart@aol.comPWG2@yahoogroups.com
From: PWG2-noreply@yahoogroups.com
Date: Sat, 8 Aug 2015 11:57:00 -0400
Subject: Re: [PWG2] 1000th RC-135 MIssion, 6916th SS, Athens, probably early 1977
     Btw Larry, Thanks for sending this! This is the best scan of the picture I have to date.  My original got lost years ago in one of several moves.  
Cheers,   TommyLee
From: Rich Beckman <richard_beckman@msn.com>
Subject: RE: [PWG2] 1000th RC-135 MIssion, 6916th SS, Athens, probably early 1977
Date: August 8, 2015 1:06:06 PM EDT
To: TommyLee Whitlock <tommylee@whitlock.org>, Larry Tart <larrytart@aol.com>, PWG2 Group <pwg2@yahoogroups.com>
      Does anybody have a good handle on the date...early '77 seems a bit early.  We were still flying the 130B's in mid June of '74 (looking at my old flight records I flew a C130 on June 12th and a C135 on June 14) so that must have been the switch
From: Larry Tart [mailto:larrytart@aol.com
Sent: Saturday, August 8, 2015 4:24 PM
To: Gen. Regie Urschler
Cc: Larry Tart
Subject: 1000th RC-135 MIssion, 6916th SS, Athens, probably about 10 March 1977
      Do you per chance recognize any of the SAC crew members on the RC-135M mission flown from Athens in the Med, probably about 10 March 1977? I'm fairly certain that # 1 in the photo is Col. Harlan Hain, who was SAC Det 3 commander in Athens at the time.
      Using a little math, we can extrapolate a good estimate for the date of the 1000th mission. I was the AMS on the first RC-135 mission from Athens on 14 June 1974, and I was also the AMS on the 500th RC-135 mission in October 1975 (we probably flew that 500th mission o/a 26 October 1975). And the 1000th mission would have been flown about 10 March 1977 inasmuch as we flow one mission per day (every day) for the first few years after SAC commenced operations for Athens in June 1974. 
       I have numbered the 32 flyers from 1 through 32 for ease of reference (see attached photo & related numbers 1-32:  
Flyers 1-10 kneeling in row 1, flyers 11-30 standing in rows 2 & 3 combined, and flyers 31 and 32 in the last (top) row. Rick Francona, from whom I received the first response, is flyer # 32 in my numbering scheme -- he recalledl the names of several of the crew. 
      Using my numbering scheme, Kneeling - SAC Det 3, 55th SRW, commander Col. Harlan Hain is # 1 and flyers # 2-4 are U/I SAC crew, Stew Skeen is # 5, Rusty Mulligan is # 6, Ferguson is # 7, Gary Beadle (AMS) is # 8, Lane Parker is # 9, and an U/I AMT is # 10, 
      Composite Row Standing - U/I Raven is # 11, Ron Hack is # 12, U/I Raven is # 13, Dick Vogel is # 14, Don Richmond? is # 15, John Winder is # 16, Bob Rutan is # 17, Mark Washburn is # 18, Geno Poole is # 19, Jim Valet is # 20, Unk is # 21, TommyLee Whitlock is # 22, Unk is # 23, Dave Johnson (leaning over Gary Beadle) is # 24, Unk is # 25, Butch LaBarre is # 26, Chuck Davis is # 27, Phil Sauer is # 28, Ray Meador is #29, Harold Hutchens (Hutchinson) is # 30, 
      Standing in Back - Rico Persinger is # 31, and Rick Francona is # 32.
From: Reg Urschler <thegunfighter@cox.net>
Date: Sat, Aug 8, 2015 at 10:46 PM
Subject: RE: 1000th RC-135 MIssion, 6916th SS, Athens, probably about 10 March 1977
To: Larry Tart <larrytart@aol.com>
      My eyes “ain’t’ what they used to be abd I’m having a bit diffuculcty identifying the ladS. I’m forwarding this to Jim Maloney, 55th wing.org web mster ,and asking him to pass it alonh in thehope we can match faces with names. Col. Hain libves here in Bellevue nd would be available to view the photo. I’ll keep you posted.

From: Reg Urschler <thegunfighter@cox.net>
Date: Sat, Jul 4, 2015 at 3:34 PM
Subject: TAPS
Cathy Kaminski, wife of Joe Kaminski, passed away May 21st, 2015 in Princeton, WV.

From: <J1a2c3k@aol.com>
Date: Wed, Jul 1, 2015 at 1:04 PM
Subject: 55th Memorial Spring clean-up from winter
      Before clean-up and after about 8+ man hours
of spraying & pulling weeds, and scraping moss from between the bricks, by Larry Laflair and I, the Memorial is ready for the 4th of July.  

    Looking for folks I was stationed with in the 24th SRS between 1977 and 1988
     contact me at rwendt2@yahoo.com
Russell Wendt

From: Reg Urschler <thegunfighter@cox.net>
Date: Thu, May 21, 2015 at 4:57 PM
Subject: Bobby Russell "checks in"

Had as surprise call this morning from our old comrade Bobby Russell checking in asking how things were going up here and about his old friends.
        He’s still in Albany, TX, same address as in our 55th Association Directory, mine dated January 2013. Had a nice long chat and update. Said he was city manager for twenty years there in Albany retiring ‘about” eight years ago. I discovered we were at Kelly the same time back in the mid-eighties…he in the Commissary Service and I in ESC. Pity we never knew it.
Asked him if he was receiving the wonderful newsletter Max produced and he said “he couldn’t remember” and also could not remember if he had paid his dues. He can be reached at the info in the book and I’m sure would be delighted to hear from anyone who wished to call.  Has an e-mail address but said his “daughter takes care of that”.
Was good to hear from an old 55ther and “Hoggie”. Pass the word.

P.S. Said Duveen had serious heart problems about four years ago and they almost lost her. Git it fixed in Paris, TX no less and she’s doing just fine now. Bobby took her the hospital in Abilene when she woke him up not able to breathe. Abilene hospital told him “she’s gonna die” (he said) so he took her to Paris (TX) for surgery….twelve hours worth on the table.

From: Reg Urschler <thegunfighter@cox.net>
Date: Sat, May 9, 2015 at 7:19 PM
Subject: TAPS, Hugh Lauren Waple
    Hugh L. Waple, passed away February 6, 2015 in Oakton, VA. He was a navigator in the 343rd SRS, Forbes AF, KS circa 1955-60, assigned to Gene Dziejowski’s crew.
He attended a recent reunion with his wife Etta, perhaps here in Omaha. A wonderful, warm, caring, generous friend, comrade and human being. He will be missed.
Tail winds, Blue skies and Happy landings Hugh. ‘Til we meet again.

From: Tom Hanley <tomhanley@hawaii.rr.com>
Date: Thu, May 14, 2015 at 4:03 PM

I'm Tom Hanley Jr., my dad was with the 55th in the RB-47 years at Forbes. I wrote a fun little book you 55thers might enjoy. Lots of memories of growing up at Forbes among other adventures. Here is a link to my website:     www.coldwarkid.com

From: wolfsamuel@verizon.net
Sent: 4/10/2015 5:18:08 P.M. Central Daylight Time
Subj: In Defense of Freedom (My new book)

...... My new book - In Defense of Freedom - is now available on amazon.com at a very reasonable price of $21.74 ($29.95 list).  If your purchase is over $35, you won't have to pay postage - a good deal which I can't match.  I recommend you get your copy from amazon.  I do book signings at the National Air and Space Museum in Washington DC and Virginia - at the Udvar Hazy center near Dulles IAP on Saturdays/Sundays and downtown on Thursdays.  Check the Smithsonian NASM web site to see when I am scheduled.  I am usually there from 12:30 to 4pm.  Should you drop by, I'd be more than happy to sign your copy of In Defense of Freedom, or any of my other books.  The museum stores will be carrying the book as well.
Also, I'll be at the following locations in April/May:
Thursday, April 30/Sunday May 3, I'll be staying overnight at the Indianapolis Embassy Suites - North.  If it is convenient for you to drop by, I'd be happy to sign your books.  Just send me an email before-hand so I can plan on it.
Saturday, May 2, I will sign books and make a presentation in Minneapolis, MN.  Please contact Janice Savage (j1tusa@comcast.net) or Axel Kornfuehrer (akornfuehrer@msn.com) for time and place if you desire to attend and/or have your books signed.
Monday, May 4, I will sign books in Dayton/Fairborn, OH.  Please contact Bill Setchell (jsetchell@woh.rr.com) for time and place.  I will be staying at the Homewood Suites, near Wright Pat and the AF Museum, off Colonel Glenn Highway on Presidential Drive, in Fairborn.        
Wolfgang W. E. Samuel

About 'In Defense of Freedom'
The twenty-eight stories in this book serve as a graphic reminder of the selfless heroism of America's World War II Army Air Forces flyers and how necessary they were to achieve Allied victory. Wolfgang Samuel, and the men he interviewed, reveal the peril they faced to achieve a daunting task, impossible without their bravery. And their sacrifices were stunning.  American bomber crews suffered the highest casualties (KIA, MIA, POW, wounded) of all American armed services in World War II. The stories preserved in this book bear that grave danger out. A member of a heavy bomber crew in the 8th Air Force in the period from mid-1942 to spring 1944 was less likely to survive than a US Marine fighting on Iwo Jima or Okinawa.-  The stories in this unique book are about men who went face to face with their adversaries, who saw their buddies die, who crashed planes, and who became prisoners of war. Many later went on to become the backbone of the postwar Air Force, serving in Korea and Vietnam during the Cold War years.-  Young Ken Chilstrom led a flight of eight A-36 fighter bombers on a low-level foray in Italy. Only he and two others came home. Bob Hoover thought he could take on the entire German air force, but on his first mission, encountering German Fw 190s, he was shot down, nearly perished, and suffered the remainder of the war in a prisoner-of-war camp. Wolfgang Samuel's new book is all about men like Ken, Bob, and the many friends they lost, who saw World War II through to the end and gave freedom to so many others.
NOTE: According to my publisher the books have shipped from the printer to their distribution center and should be available soonest.  I hope to have a couple boxes in the trunk of my car.

        Col. Marty Reynolds to replace BG Greg Guillot as 55th Wing Commander:

Col. George “Marty” Reynolds (BS, United States Air Force Academy and Pennsylvania State University; MBA, Gonzaga University; MA, George Washington University; MS, Air Force Institute of Technology; Masters of Strategic Studies, Air Force Air War College)  is a reconnaissance/surveillance/electronic warfare pilot.  He has commanded three electronic combat squadrons and held staff assignments at the wing, center, numbered air force, headquarters Air Force and Joint Staff levels.  Colonel Reynolds participated and commanded squadrons during multiple contingency operations, including Enduring Freedom, Iraqi Freedom and operations in South America.

FROM:   Commander, 55th Wing, Air Combat Command, Offutt AFB, NE
TO:         Director, Strategic Plans, Requirements and Programs, Headquarters Pacific Air Forces, Joint Base Pearl Harbor-Hickam, HI

-From: Lon Aylsworth [mailto:lon.aylsworth@gmail.com
Sent: Tuesday, December 30, 2014 3:41 PM
To: Reg Urschler
Subject: P.T. Cullen
 Hi Regis,  Is this picture from the C.T. Cullen Award?  Many thanks, Lon  
Lon Aylsworth
……. Lon:  Yes, it’s the “P.T. Cullen Trophy”. Perhaps the 55th Association might print this in one of their newsletters or website.  Regis
In a message dated 1/6/2015 1:31:05 P.M. Central Standard Time, thegunfighter@cox.net writes:
I received the attached photo from Warren Aylsworth's son Lon. Warren is on the right. I recognize the other two gents but can’t remember their names. Can you help?
 Happy New Year!
From: Gfpenfield@aol.com [mailto:Gfpenfield@aol.com
Sent: Wednesday, January 07, 2015 12:14 PM 
They seem familiar but I can't place their names.  I did find a crew list in "We See All"  This may be them.
 These  maybe who they are.  
In a message dated 1/10/2015 1:32:48 P.M. Central Standard Time, thegunfighter@cox.net writes:
 BINGO!  You won the prize as it is who you have named. I recognized then but could not recall except I “thought” the guy on the left might be “Foots” Chamblee which you have confirmed.
Many thanks. Have a great New Year!
 V.O.,   Reg
From: Gfpenfield@aol.com [mailto:Gfpenfield@aol.com
Sent: Sunday, January 11, 2015 12:54 PM
 Wow! That's the first thing I've won in a long time.  When do I get the trophy? Or you could send me a birthday present.  I will be 89 on the 15th of this month.
     I doubt that the majority of the people in the 55tth new that I was older than I looked and was in WWII.  In some ways this was a hindrance, because when I went to Japan in 1953, they put Cochran with me as a co-pilot.  He had been in WWII and had been recalled. He was about a year older than me but looked older.  He was supposed to watch out for me.  It didn't take me long to figure out that something was wrong.  On the way over, we were landing at March and he was flying.  For some reason they wanted us to circle the field.  He was going to go around to the right, because he could see the field, I guess.  I had to take it away from him and tell him that you circle to the left.  We don't want a head on with someone circling the correct way.  A few other incidents came up and I finally had to talk to him and convince him, that I was in the left seat and he was in the right and that I was the BOSS.   I think that part of it was due to the fact that he got on my crew shortly before we left to go to Japan and he really didn't know much about my piloting skills. He had been a co-pilot during WWII and was flying T-6s in the reserve.  Additionally the OPs Officer.s talk with him about watching out for me also was part of the reason.  If I had known about it, I'd have said let him go.  I really feel that it was dumb on their part.  Either i was qualified to go or not.  I even had to fly an extra training mission before going on leave.  My Dad died the day before I got home.  If I had not had to fly the mission I could have seen him before he died. 
 After we got to Japan and we had a few missions where the takeoff was at night and  I could only see about three runway lights, he finally decided that I should be the A/C  by myself and that he'd be the co-pilot.  After that we got along fine. 
Here is a picture of  "Flip" Bob Cochran, co-pilot, Bill Agnetti, Nose Nav, ME and John Marks, EWO.  I guess you can see what I'm talking about by the picture:

From: The Gunfighter <thegunfighter@cox.net>
Date: Sun, Jan 11, 2015 at 3:08 PM
Subject: FW: FW: Alysworth Crew photo
To: jimmaloneys@gmail.com
Interesting 55th history here. You may wish to enter on web site. George Penfield goes back to the RB-50 days at Ramey in Puerto Rico.  John Marks was his EW who retired as a two star and commander of ESC in San Antonio.