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In a message dated 9/18/2013 7:55:45 P.M. Central Daylight Time, lewis1924@gmail.comwrites:

Max do you remember a navigator named Bernie, Bernard Anthony Bove jr.  in the wing at Forbes? He has been dead for a few years; his widow, Robin, lived in Kerrville. she died on the 26th of Aug. she was from Melbourne, Australia. they were a neat couple; she loved the Air Force and was very active in the Wive’s club. I can’t remember when he left the wing.  bill lewis

Max responded..."No, I did not know him. He was a member of the Assn for a time and Robin was on the mailng list  for the newsletter. She will be remembered in  the TAPS 

         Robin C. Bove        Resident of of Kerrville, La Selva Beach, and El Paso
Robin C. Bove, 90, of Kerrville, La Selva Beach, and El Paso, passed away early morning Monday, August 26, 2013 in Kerrville, Texas. She was born Melbourne, Australia to Edward William Pedlow and Alice Celestine Pedlow (m.n. Kennedy) June 12, 1923. She married Bernard Anthony Bove Jr on October 6th, 1945 in St. Patrick's Cathedral, Melbourne, Australia.
Robin's life transitioned from equestrian pursuits as a young lady, to military wife and mother, to widow, to loved and loving matriarch of four children, and ten grandchildren. She solely supported four children and two grandchildren, working as Cosmetologist, being owner and operator of Justin's Sandwich Shop, and again working as Sales Associate well into her 80's. Her entire life is a testimonial to caring about and for her children and grandchildren and great grandchildren.
Robin was very proud to be an Officer's wife, and during her husband's lifetime, she participated in many officer wives' events. She loved to travel, not just because her husband was an Air Force Officer and was based throughout the United States, but afterwards when she went to Australia, London, Paris, and Edinburgh, regularly visited her siblings all over the United States.
Robin was preceded in death by her husband Bernard Jr., her parents Edward and Alice Pedlow, and her siblings Edward, Ian, and Suzanne.