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From: <>
Date: Fri, Aug 30, 2013 at 5:48 PM
Subject: 63-8049 Restoration Update

This update is earlier than normal but I felt it was necessary to let everyone know that we are now making progress on the restoration of 63-8049 at Strategic Air and Space Museum. 
      On April 25, 2013, the SAC ACCA sent a letter to the Board of Directors of the Strategic Air and Space Museum and General John Chain, USAF (Ret) outlining our interest in getting 63-8049 restored.  At the same time I was contacted by the 4ACCS (Mary Hillman) asking for permission to use the 63-8049 update e-mail in their newsletter  We now have a fairly large group of people interested in the effort to get 049 restored.  I did get an e-mail, one of about a dozen from an earlier date, asking if Strategic Air and Space Museum did have a separate fund set up for contributions to the restoration of 049.  I still do not have an answer on that.
     I sent an e-mail to Dr. Tarry on July 15 asking for any updates.  He was out of the office and did contact me on July 19.  They are working on the master planning  The Nightwatch reunion was held in Omaha in July and I did get pictures of 049 and was pleasantly surprised.  It had been cleaned up on the outside and I did learn that Strategic Air and Space Museum actually takes tours out to the aircraft and talk about the Airborne Command Post mission and the role that 049 played.  I also learned that there had been some mold remediation.
       Did get a telephone call from Dr. Tarry.  They have done some cleanup and mold remediation.  They are working on a  master plan and the first part of it will be funding to restore a number of aircraft which will include 049.  For 049, the initial work will  be how to clean and restore the equipment inside the aircraft,  This actually is a unique problem since none of the other SASM aircraft have equipment like 049.  They do not want to make it look new.  Their goal is to make it look as it did when it was an Airborne Command Post.  What they would to do is have it set up outside and allow tours to go thru it.
     Dr. Tarry did ask me to call him on Aug 5.  Tried and not there.  Did get an e-mail on Aug 8 advising that they were in meetings discussing the master plan.  Nothing new to report at this time.
     Aug 26.  Got an e-mail from Kevin Hendrix, Director of Development at SASM requesting a conference call on Aug 29 to discuss with a number of SASM personnel and volunteers who have shown an interest in the restoration of 049.

 Aug 29.  Conference call with:
  Scott Tarry Director & CEO Strategic Air and Space Museum
   Kevin Hendrix, Director of Development
   Angela Roeber, Director of Marketing and Public Relations
   Mark "Hambone" Hamilton, Restoration Manager
  Duane Dilts, Restoration Manager
  Dan Kirwan, Restoration Manager
   Dan Elder, Volunteer
   Steve Shirley, Volunteer
  Amy Walton, Volunteer

       Basically  there was a recap of the meetings and conversations on 049.  Then Mark, Duane and Dan gave a rundown of what had been done so far and Dr. Tarry followed up with what steps they will start with.  This brought us to the fund raising/donations/help that will be necessary.
    What was found when they started the mold remediation was that it was in all of the insulation.  This will require a total removal of all of the equipment before the mitigation can begin.  SASM does not have a place to store the equipment and no work can begin until the equipment is removed.  Some possibilities discussed were bringing in trailers or storage sheds.  Another possibility was renting space but this would require help with cost (donations) since SASM cannot afford to do this on their funds  Research is underway and we will be advised.
  There was quite a bit of conversation about what to do with 049 when restored.  NMUSAF will not allow aircraft (leased to SASM) to be open for touring inside.  It was felt that this would detract from the interest people would have by just looking at the outside of the aircraft.  Another item was the lack of space at SASM and the size of 049 which would preclude the possibility of it being placed inside.  These will be items that will be resolved once the mold problem is taken care of.  It was also pointed out that SASM has equipment (consoles, etc) that were used in conjunction with the ABNCP and could be used with a display.
      We will have another teleconference in three months and you will all be advised of any developments.  I personally feel that Strategic Air and Space Museum is now actively working to get 049 restored and Dr. Tarry does have a personal interest as he stated earlier.  It is also nice to see Dan, Steve and Amy on board and in Omaha working with us on this.  I have known them for years and am really pleased to have them on board.
Fredrick (Fred) Kemp
SACACCA EC135C Restoration
SUBJ: TAPS - Denny Haynes
From Jim Thomas  on 8/29/2013...
Denny was a Raven in the 343rd SRS during the mid seventies. Previously, he flew the Wild Weasel mission in Vietnam. He was a quiet patriot even in retirement, living in the Washington area and working for whoever and doing what he would never discuss about. Moved to South Carolina upon final retirement and remained a quiet, retired patriot. Below received from Pete Glenboski.
 .............. Here is the info that I have on Denny from Linda, most of which I have already mentioned to you.  Denny died this past Sunday, 18 August at 1:05 AM.  He was diagnosed in 2010 with Pulmonary Fibrosis and earlier of a form of dementia called Frontotempral Dementia which was thought to have started around 2000.  He died from Pulmonary Fibrosis after only six short days in the ICU and was 68 years old.  Linda said at the time I talked with her that Denny did not want an obituary and at that time was not rushing to have a quick funeral.  He did want to be cremated and  mentioned that there was some thoughts of burial at Arlington, but Linda had not decided when I spoke with her.  I will talk with her more this week and pass info as I get it.  Linda's address is as follows:  Linda Haynes; 162 Cutter Circle; Bluffton, S.C. 29909.  Phone number 1-(843)-645-9072.  E-mail
Pete Glenboski 
From John McKone's wife... sent August 8th, 2013.....
" I am John's wife.  John has pulmonary fibrosis and is declining slowly.  There is no cure and no treatment, so life is hard to say the least.  He does, however, try to stay positive, but this is not a fun disease and not much looking into the future.  Thanks for asking and I'll give him your message."
Sent: 8/12/2013 3:57:32 P.M. Central Daylight Time
Subj: Robert K Ferguson, [aka Fergie] RIP
Fergie, 12 13 1931- 7 27 2013, Passed away in LaFollette. TN.  He was a 20 year Air Force vet and retired from the U S Postal service.  He was a EWO in the 343rd SRS from 1957 to 1963. He was the Raven One on Ray Fullner's crew and Jack Schweitzer"s crew when I flew with him from Dec 59 to late 62.  Hank Rieden
JoAnn Rieden@

From: <>
Date: Wed, Aug 7, 2013 at 11:35 AM
Subject: TAPS James Hunter
Received a note relating that James Hunter had passed on 29 December 2012 in Charlotte, NC. He was 82.
Entered the AF at Lincoln AFB, NE in 1954.
Served as an EWO in the RB-47 at Forbes from 1956-1962.
Then was sent to University of Colorado for an electrical engineering degree, became a GS in the DoD in Washington, DC, for the next 23 years.
Wife of 58 years, Laurie Hunter
(listed as Dolores in the data base.......
Address: 5400 Hwy A1A, Apt. H-32
Vero Beach, FL 32963