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130728 - Taps- Dennis Watson
130725 - Reunion Attendance - Addy

From: <MaxMoore55@aol.com>
Date: Sun, Jul 28, 2013 at 2:03 PM
Subject: Dennis Watson, TAPS

He was a co-pilot in RB-47s at Forbes in the early 1960s. Was on Palm's crew but changed before their deployment as wife was due with first child. He later was in the cadre of co-pilots from the 55th that SAC moved to bomber wings that were losing pilots by the droves. He got out circa 1963 and went into the heating and air cond. business and flew fighters with Iowa and Louisiana Guards at various times.

Died 26 July, 78, widow is Jane.

Funeral service 1100 Monday 29 July at First Presby Church in Bellevue.

From: Dave Addy  [mailto:evad0200@surewest.net]
Sent: Thursday, July 25, 2013 1:11 PM
Subject: Dave's Addy

 Gen. Pardon Me All To Hell!!! I May Have Left Part OF My E-Mail Blank The Other Day During Our Conversation. It Is  evad0200@surewest.net.Dementia Is
Not FUnny At This Time In Life!!! Which Reminds Me REg. I will Be 80yrs.Old
The !5th Of Oct.15,2013.
Reg,Don't Mean To
B.S. To You Too Long But Just Want
o Forwarn You That Dottie And I Are Planning On Attending The Reunion In
The Only Thing That Would Prevent It Is MY Dialysis Treatments. Can I
sk A Favor??
 Could You Scope Out Any Dialysis Centers Near The Embassy Suites For Me???
Sure Would Help If A Clinic Is Near By.
   Thanks For Your Time My Friend. It Is Appreciated.
From: Reg Urschler <thegunfighter@cox.net>
Date: Thu, Jul 25, 2013 at 3:08 PM
Subject: Dave's Addy
I'm looking into it and will get back to you. Deklghtd to hear of your intentions. Hope it works out. Wonder how many more "old soldiers" from the "good old days" we might encourage to attend. Can't have too many more opportunities at our age, right? I know Rodecap attended a few but have not seen him recently. We should publicize your intention to  attend on the web should this firm up in the hope others will be motivated to attend. If you can make it all the way from Roseville, CA with a dialysis requirement, I know others would be to join in.
Happy Birthday (early) my friend!