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From: Andreas Hunold <>
Date: Wed, Nov 28, 2012 at 1:09 PM
Subject: From 55WA web site
Dear Jim,
     Greetings from Germany. Maybe you may remember me.... I'm the guy who provided a ton of patch scans for the web site a few years ago. I know it's been quite a while since we've been in touch but I hope you are doing good!
I never gave up collecting but due to unfortunate circumstances I had to call off collecting for quite a while as I was treated for cancer some three years ago. I'm now permanently and severely disabeled due to some surgeries that went wrong but at least I'm alive and kicking and I try to pick up collecting, time and finances permitting. Last year I moved away from Geilenkirchen AB since they no longer couldn't employ there with my permanent disability. I'm still working as a translator for the German Armed Forces Language Service but now work from home and am no longer part of the NATO AWACS programme.  
I've already found the 55th Association facebook page and added it to my list of "likes".
As I mentioned in my facebook posting, I'm presently looking for a few patches for my personal collection and was wondering if you could possibly put up a kind of advertisement on the bulletin board of the web page, time and space permitting.
I'm looking for a HOG POLE patch from Eielson AFB as I lost that one, among other patches during my recent move last year.  In addition to that I'm also after a HOG patch from Shemya and Hellenikon. I've never seen those myself, just heard that they exist. Same goes for a HOG related patch for a TDY to Egypt in the early 1980s. Again, I've never seen it but heard that one does exist. Maybe some Association member who has such patches would like to give them a good home in trade for other patches (most likely non 55th related then as I don't have extras) or would be willing to sell it for a fair price. Of course, donations would be most welcome as well.
Please feel free to condese or reword my above plea for assistance!
If you are interested in adding new patches to the web site, I can compare what I still have with what's on the web site and then send scans of anything new if you wish. However due to medical issues pertaining to my disability it sometimes may take me a bit to get things done. This is not due to lack of respect but simply based on the fact that I now need more time to get things accomplished and still face numerous doctor appointments and hospital stays.
I hope you are doing fine and well,  thank you for allowing to me take some time out of your busy schedule,
with best wishes
Andy Hunold
Andreas Hunold
Mercatorweg 7
47559 Kranenburg