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120731 - RB-50 Info...Mollison
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Date: July 31, 2012
From: John Mollison john@johnmollison.com 

 My name is John Mollison and I am an aviation historian and artist.  Your website came up during a cursory search on the 55th SRW.
My work is seen at 
www.johnmollison.com - and when I receive commissions, I document the progress on my blog (click the blue star on my website splash-page).
Recently, I was approached to possibly do an RB-50 that flew with the 55th SRW.  Specifically one that flew in the early 1950s.   However, documentation on these airplanes is extremely hard to come by.
I've seen the 2 RB-50s displayed on your website.   However, I have other questions - if you can help with the answers, I'd be appreciative!
1. Is there a serial-number listing of RB-50s that served with the 55th?
2. Is there documentation on RB-50 overflights into Soviet territory?  (if so, where can I obtain them? - yes, I know that's sensitive material).
3. Can you refer me to other people who may be able to assist of the era?

Best regards,
John Mollison

From: Robb Hoover

Date 1 Aug, 2012
Yes, I can help you on your RB-50 research.  I have the tail numbers, some pictures, and mission accounts from that era.  There is a widow of an RB-50 ELINT navigator who lives here in Bellevue, Nebraska who has a painting that her husband had commissioned many years ago. It was of an RB-50 that was sent on a famous secret flight  at presidential (Eisenhower) direction at the request of Pierre Mendes-France, the French premier. 
 (The French had no airborne ELINT progran at that time.) 
The flight was to determine if the Vietnamese were using radar control for their bombardment of the embattled French at Dien Bien Phu in May of 1954.   Turns out it wasn't radar controlled, just very accurately sited-in line of fire.
Anyway I'll see if i can take a digital photo of that painting and send it to you.

Author Bill Burrows has an interview with John Wagner about the Dien Bien Phu sortie in his Penguin book "By Any Means Necessary.'
  Historian John Farquhar has a historical monograph about RB-50 operations with routes from the 1950s which would also be helpful.  I have some files with RB-50 tail numbers and nicknames..."Caribbean Queen" etc.
     Also I could put you in contact with a couple of RB-50 crewmembers who could contribute some memories.
Give me a couple of days to round things up and I'll contact you again next week.
Robb Hoover
55th Wing Association Historian

From: Sam Pizzo
Date: July 30, 2012
As info. Over the weekend I was visited by a group of four Russian individuals who were on the staff of a Russian Program dedicated to printing up data relative to Khrushevs visit to Ike. Only one of them spoke English.
They had purchased a copy of my little book which they purchased on Amazon ( not sure how they learned about it ) and wished to shoot a video to help in their publishing a disc re his visit,
As they had read the visit chapter in my book, many of their questions were already answered ,therefore no big discussions came up, They spent an hour or so with me. Stated was that I would get a copy of the disc when completed, which they thought would be early next year. Probably be in Russian language of course, so I can't wait to file it away somewhere.
They were most eager to show me a book ( in Russian ) re Mr K's visit which they had photos of the two Russian pilots who flew the TU 114 back to Russia wished to know if I remembered them ! Cripes that was in 1958 or 59 and I can barely remember this morning !
They asked about U 2 Missions and I gave them the E mail address of B/G Ray Haupt. The final question to me however was a lulu, ie who did I think started the Cold War ? Do not think they appreciated my answer, as I stared I thought BOTH sides bore that responsibility.
I told them where to fill up on some local seafood, drink a local beer,they gave me a coffee mug with Russian stuff all over it.
I told them that I was most grateful for their consideration and inclusion of my role in that operation, and off they went. 
And so ended another weird ( and short )chapter in my life. 
From: Marilyn King <marilynking2@yahoo.com>
To: Robb Hoover <RobbHoover@aol.com>
Sent: Fri, Jul 27, 2012 11:18 pm
Subject: John King Blvd
Dear Robb:
I thought you might want to share this with 55th Air Force Family. It will be a special day in Rockwall.
Best Wishes,
Marilyn King


BOD member Fox Censullo represented the 55th Wing Association at the ribbon cutting ceremony.
 pictured here with Marilyn King.
Date: July 18, 2012
From Max Moore
Subject: 55/CC Welcome back
        Last night, Tuesday, 17 July, a group of 19 members of the 55th Wing Association hosted, Colonel John Rauch,  the newest 55th Wing Commander at Anthony's restaurant in Omaha for an evening of fine dining and conviviality. This is a tradition dating to 1997 and Col Rauch is the tenth 55th Commander to be so greeted. Since this is Col Rauch's fourth tour with the Wing, it was more of a 'welcome back' function.

Standing back row (L to R): Max Moore, Don Kelly, Ham Kennedy, Jim Thomas, Bill Ernst, Robb Hoover, Frank Hicks, John Tresmer,
 Steve Stevens, Dick Purdum, LtCol Mo Krishna, Denny Haun, Dan Peterson. 
Seated in front: Jim Maloney, Tiny Wolfe, Reg Urschler, Colonel John Rauch, John Johnson, Fred Schapker, Larry Utley.
From Ginger Millbern  gindiane@sbcglobal.net
Date July 17, 2012
Subj: Looking for William Peckham
I am trying to locate a family member that I believe served in the 55th Strategic Reconaissance Wing and was stationed at Forbes AFB in 1954 in Topeka, Kansas. His name is William (Bill) Peckham. If you can provide any guidance, it is very much appreciated.
Ginger Millbern
Ottawa, Kansas

From: Reg Urschler
Date: July 13th, 2012
Subj: 13th SeeBee on B-29
First of three emails from Warren Aylsworth's son. All three have attachments. I have asked Lonny for permission to print in our Association web page and he said they would, "be honored".
.....Warren Aylsworth was a legend in the 55th, loved and admired by all......
From: Lon Aylsworth <
To: ray@usaaf-noseart.co.uk
Sent: Monday, July 02, 2012 8:53 PM

Subject: 13th SeeBee on b-29
I saw your nose art of aircraft painted with SeeBee logos to honor the SeeBees.  One of the photos you have is of a B-29, "Purple Shaft".  See the attached photo.  Note that the other side of the photo has the 13th's Black Cat emblem also.  My father was the aircraft commander, Warren Aylsworth.  The aircraft was also the first B-29 to land on Tinian North Field, thus decorated with the SeeBee logo,  S/N 42-224802 
Lon Aylsworth

On Mon, Jul 9, 2012 at 10:27 AM, Ray B <rjbowden@freenetname.co.uk> wrote:
Lon: Many thanks for the information and the GREAT photo -- very much appreciated. Do you have any further information on the mission dates your father flew?
From: Lon Aylsworth <lon.aylsworth@gmail.com>
Date: Wed, Jul 11, 2012 at 7:05 PM
Subject: Re: 13th SeeBee on b-29
To: Ray B <
Here is the mission list and a memo.   These are scans to pdf files.  If you would like another format, please let me know.  We have tons of stuff including letters and pictures.  I am in Missouri and most of the items are in Michigan.  I will be in Michigan in mid-August.  I hope this helps.  Lon

In addition to the photo below of the Purple Shaft on Tinian, these are the other attachments sent....
1. 17 lost Warren R Aylsworth.pdf
2. Purple Shaft Mission List- Warren R Aylsworth.pdf
3. Back of Mission List -Awards Warren R. Aylsworth.pdf
4. No Nose Art Memo Warren R. Aylsworth.jpg
5. Purple Shaft with 13 SeeBees on top Warren R Aylsworth.pdf

From: Lon Aylsworth [mailto:lon.aylsworth@gmail.com
Sent: Thursday, July 19, 2012 4:13 PM
To: Reg Urschler
Subject: P-40


Reg Urschler thegunfighter@cox.net
Description: https://mail.google.com/mail/u/0/images/cleardot.gif Description: https://mail.google.com/mail/u/0/images/cleardot.gifLon:
 I had no idea your dad ever flew fighters. He never, ever mentioned or discussed it. This is a terrific shot. I will ask the 55th web master to include it on the 55th Association web page. You might check in a few days to see if it’s there.
Many thanks for sending. Your father is wearing his “characteristic”, charming smile!

Subj: Largest Wing
From: Jim Maloney
We've all heard that the 55th i
s the largest Wing in ACC and the second largest in the Air Force. Here's some more information for you...
(keep in mind that each wing uses different criteria... military, civilians, etc.)
-- Offutt's 55th Wing - The largest in ACC (and largest in CONUS ?--- 2nd largest in AF))
-- Kadena AB, Okinawa claims to be the largest Combat Wing in the AF
-- Lackland AFB- the largest Training Wing
-- Travis AFB- the largest in Transportation Command
-- The 57th Wing at Nellis - largest Composite Wing
-- 88th ABW at Wright-Patterson AFB - Largest Air Base Wing in AF
-- The 21st Space Wing at Peterson AFB - largest Wing 'geographically and ' organizationally' in AF

Date: July 7, 2012... on Facebook
Don Bacon added,
 "We were the second largest in the AF... but when Ramstein combined wings, it actually became larger than us... so we're now the third largest. v/r Bits"

Subject: New 55th/CC
From Base paper July 5th, 2012