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110315 - Clete Kresge... Pizzo
110309 - Pappy Cole Funeral
110308 -Shanahan GBye
110306 - Olmstead.. Hoover
110304 - Cobra Ball Anniv... Moore

110304 -Taps Grant


from:  Sam Pizzo <>
date:   Tue, Mar 15, 2011 at 4:22 PM
subject:   Clete Kresge
Just received word that Clete had a stroke and is in the hospital with the outlook not looking very good.
Will pass on any further info as it becomes available.

From: Warren and Angelica Cole <>
Sent: Wed, Mar 9, 2011 10:30 pm
Subject: Thank you!
A message to all my friends!
Thank you so very much for your cards, letters, phone calls, e-mails and kind words of sympathy, they were all a great comfort to me. I have not been able to answer all of them individually and am doing it now by writing one letter to all of you. I am still much too emotional to really talk about my last 3 months, this way I can do it in one note and only have to endure the emotional pain one time while writing.
My sister came from Germany March 1 and will stay with me until the 12th, Warren's family from New Jersey arrived on the 6th and left on the 8th, Warren's funeral was on the 7th, more than 3 months after he passed away totally unexpectently. It has been a very difficult 3 months for me to wait until Warren was put in his final resting place at Arlington Cemetery, but it was his wish to be buried there with Full Military Honors, something he really wanted and certainly deserved. The Service was very moving and very stressful for me, by far the saddest day of my life so far. Was not sure how I to survive the day, but somehow or the other, one survives since one really has no other choice. I had been to one of these services before and found it beautifully done, although very sad and very difficult for the loved ones left behind. Unfortunately I have to attend another one on the 21st., one of Warren's best friends will be buried that day, will be another sad day, but knowing that the "boys" will be together after so many years, gives me comfort to know that they are in the best of company again.
Many people do not realize, the waiting period at Arlington Cemetery is about 2-3 months, they can handle only 25-30 funerals a day, 3 or 4 a day with Full Military Honors, marching band, caisson, gun salute and service at the Chapel before internment. Again, this was Warren's wish and I am sure he would have loved the honor he received from his beloved Air Force. Even the weather turned out absolutely beautiful, the sun was shining and by sheer coincidence US Air provided the flyover that he would have loved to have from the Air Force, but needless to say, can not done anymore. US Air filled in and I know Warren was very happy with that, even though the passengers on that plane had no idea what it meant for him.
Now I have to learn to find my new "normal" life, which will take time and effort to adjust to since I have not been alone for over 40 years.
Again, thank you for everything, thank you to the people who were able to attend the funeral, I will never forget what you have done to honor Warren and to give me support and comfort during this very difficult time.
Love, Anka

--- see Taps for Pappy Cole here

From: Jim Maloney
Date: March 8, 2011
Subj.: BG Shanahan GBye
A group of local 55WA Board members surprised outgoing 55th Wing CC BG. Shanahan at the Wing HQ  today.
55th Wing Assn. President Jim Thomas warmly thanked BG Shanahan for his great support for our Association during his tenure as Commander and presented him a
memento from the Association.

The plaque says:


 BGen Jack Shanahan
       You kept our sights very high indeed ...That's why the
        Fightin' Fifty Fifth remains the best Wing in the
        United States Air Force. Thank you for your leadership.
        From the men and women of the 55th Wing Association


LtC. Cooper, Mike Cook, Robb Hoover, Bill Ernst, BG Shanahan, Max Moore, Jim Maloney, Jim Thomas

From: robbhoover <>
Date: Sun, Mar 6, 2011 at 4:20 PM
Subject: Bruce & Gail Olmstead Update

date:    Fri, Mar 4, 2011 at 2:59 PM
subject:   Anniversary of the loss of COBRA BALL memorial ceremony
The 45th RS will host a memorial observance of the 30th anniversary of the loss of COBRA BALL crewmembers and aircraft 664 on Shemya AFB, AK.
Tuesday 15 March 2011 at 1500 (3 pm) will feature a program of speakers and presentations at the memorial marker in front of the 45th Sq. building.

The 45th is located at Bldg 40, which is east of the parade ground at the north end of the row nearest the flight line fence. There is a back up plan in case of bad weather. Parking on that street is limited, but there are parking lots east of the row of buildings.    signs will point the way from the Kenney Gate (flag row) to the location.

From: James Grant <>
To: JThomas927 <>
Sent: Fri, Mar 4, 2011 7:39 pm
My wife, Sharon Byrne Grant passed away 17 Jan 82, age 35. I was in the 82nd at Kadena 72-74 and at Offutt in the 55th 74-76. RC-135 nav.
Jim Grant
572 Webster Rd.
Hyde Park, Vt. 05655
1616 Atlantic Blvd.
Townhouse 18
Key West, Fl. 33040
Cell: 305-304-7295