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The 55th Wing traces it's lineage to the 55th Pursuit (Interceptor) Group constituted on 20 November 1940 and activated 15 January 1941 at Hamilton Field, California. During World War II, the 55th Fighter Group garnered two Distinguished Unit Citations. The group fostered 16 aces who were credited with 90 air-to-air victories. Its last mission flew on 21 April 1945 and inactivation occurred on 20 August 1946. 
Stations:   Nuthampstead   16 Sep. 1943 to 16 Apr. 1944 
Wormingford    16 Apr.  1944 to 21 Jul.  1945
see also:                  http://www.55th.org/                 8th AAF Fighter Cmd. "Little Friends"    

The Nuthampstead Airfield Research Society
--Some images of the 55th FG monument at Nuthampstead

Proposed Nuthampstead Airfield Museum   (print out the brochures)  page 1   page 2  
          ---  Nuthampstead Air Museum Newsletter Dec 2010
          ---  Nuthampstead Air Museum Newsletter Dec 2011
                            ---  See also 398th.org web site
Nuthampstead Airfield Museum!!!!!

We are thrilled to announce that plans are in the process for a museum to keep the history of the 398th Bomb Group and the 55th Fighter Group alive. The museum will be located adjacent to the airfield at the rear of The Woodman Inn in Nuthampstead, England. The trustees, Andrew Grisbrooke, Geoff Rice, Russell Abbey, Marilyn Gibb-Rice and Christine Barry have been meeting and planning since October 2009 to make this
dream come true. Fundraising began in June and received a huge boost once plans were announced at the 398th Bomb Group Memorial Association annual reunion in Denver. The fundraising effort has begun with “Founding Memberships” to the museum. These memberships are limited to 131 US and 131 UK members. Each US member will receive a plaque with a piece of a B17 recovered from the airfield and a small piece of Station 131 runway and a certificate. Each UK member will receive a plaque and a CD of photos taken at the station during 1944/45. Efforts so far are nearing the halfway point to pay for the structure of the building. If you wish to join this exciting endeavor and become a founding member, please see the following information: US Founding Members send your $200 check payable to 398th Bomb Group to:

            398th Bomb Group Memorial Association
            Mellisa Ledlow
            16210 Breakwater Path Dr.
             Houston, TX 77044-1112
UK Founding Members send your £131 cheque payable to Nuthampstead Airfield Museum to:
           Christine Barry
            Bee Farm
            SG88NB UK
Memberships can be purchased in your name or “in honor of” or “in memory of” someone special. If you have any questions or should you have any items that you would like to donate to the museum, please contact Geoff Rice at photos@398th.org or Christine Barry at chris@nam131.org

     (Yes, all donations (not dues/subscriptions) to the 398th are tax-deductible. The donor needs to have to show the IRS either a receipt from us or their canceled check/copy, and we need to maintain our 501(c)19 status or change to a 501(c)3. The same goes for the donations to the 398th to the NAM. If the check goes directly to the NAM, it cannot be deducted by them.)

June 2017 - Col. Michael H. Manion Nav/EWO
June 2015 - June 2017 Col. George Marty Reynolds EC pilot
June 2013 - June 2015 Col. Gregory Guillot Sr. Battle Staff Cmdr

June 2012 - Jun 2013 

Colonel John Rauch                

Recon nav

March 2011- June 2012

Col (BG-sel) Donald Bacon    

Recon EWO

April 2009 – March 2011

Col (BG-sel)John Shanahan    

Fighter nav

Mar 2007 - Apr 2009

Col (BG-sel) James J Jones    

Fighter pilot

28 Sep 2005 - 28 Mar 2007

Col (BG-sel) Jonathan George 

SR pilot

29 Oct 2003 - 28 Sep 2005

BGen John Craig Koziol       I


28 Aug 2002 - 29 Oct 2003

BGen T.C. Jones                  

 Bomber Pilot

2 Feb 2000 - 23 Aug 2002

BGen Gregory Power

 Bomber Pilot

9 Nov 1998 - 2 Feb 2000

BGen Ronald F Sams           

Tanker pilot

30 Dec 1996 - 9 Nov 1998

BGen Gary A Ambrose

 Bomber Pilot

17 May 1995 - 30 Dec 1996

BGen Michael S Kudlacz 

 Bomber Pilot

10 May 1993 -17 May 1995

BGen Thomas J Keck           

Bomber/SR pilot

1 Jul 1991 - 10 May 1993

Col William G Manire

 Bomber Pilot

             55TH SRW / CC



28 Jun 1990 - 1 Jul 1991

Col Thomas F Atkinson     

Recon/tanker pilot

31 May 1988  - 28 Jun 1990

Col Daniel R Peterson       

Recon Navigator

3 Jun  1986 -  31 May 1988

Col Lawrence A Mitchell   

Recon pilot

26 Jun 1985 - 3 Jun 1986

Col Richard F Vara            

Bomber pilot

17 Oct 1984 -  26 Jun 1985

Col Mark J Heller               

Recon/tanker pilot

29 Nov 1982 - 17 Oct 1984

Col Merlin F Stevens         

Recon pilot

19 Mar 1982 - 29 Nov 1982

Col W John Soper             

Bomber pilot

4 Aug 1980 - 19 Mar 1982

Col Donald G Krause       

Tanker pilot

26 May 1978 - 4 Aug 1980

Col Regis FA Urschler      

Recon pilot

5 Mar 1976 - 26 May 1978

Col Guy H Winstead         

Bomber pilot

23 Jul 1974 - 5 Mar 1976

Col Joe L Church               

Tanker pilot

31 Aug 1972 - 23 Jul 1974

Col George D Miller       

Fighter/bomber pilot

30 Jun 1971 - 31 Aug 1972

Col Marvin N Morss      

Bomber/recon pilot

17 Jul 1970 - 30 Jun 1971

Col Anthony Martinez  

 Bomber pilot

29 Aug 1966 - 17 Jul 1970

Col William E Riggs

 Bomber pilot

               Forbes to Offutt/

               RB-47s to RC-135s


10 Jun 1963 - 29 Aug 1966

Col Marion C Mixon                         


1 Jun 1961 - 10 Jun 1963

Col John G Glover                              


1 Jul 1960 - 1 Jun 1961

Col William D Kyle                            


1 Aug 1959 - 1 Jul 1960

Col Norman H Vansicklen                 


16 Feb 1957 - 1 Aug 1959

Col James K  Johnson                       


1 May 1955 - 16 Feb 1957

Col Olbert T Lassiter                       


26 Jan 1953 - 1 May 1955

Col A K Breckenridge                       


8 Dec 1952 - 26 Jan 1953

Col Clayton Stiles                                


1 Oct 1952 - 8 Dec 1952

Col J D Caldara                                  


18 Feb 1952 - 1 Oct 1952

Col Alfred K Kalberer                       


20 Dec 1950 - 18 Feb 1952

BGen Sydney D Grubbs                     


1 Nov 1950 - 20 Dec 1950

Col Richard T King                              


17 Aug 1949 - 1 Nov 1950

Col John H Davies                              


20 Oct 1948 – 17 Aug 1949

Col William R Yancey                        


19 Jul 1948 – 20 Oct 1948

Col Alfred K Kalberer                         





William R. Lawler, Jr. was Commander of the 55th Air Refueling Squadron
55th SRW, Forbes AFB, Kansas

The President of the United States
in the name of The Congress
takes pleasure in presenting the

Medal of Honor

 (Air Mission)
Rank and organization: First Lieutenant, U.S. Army Air Corps, 364th Bomber Squadron, 305th Bomber Group. Place and date: Over Europe, 20 February 1944. Entered service at: Birmingham, Ala. Born: 23 August 1920, Leeds, Ala. G.O. No.: 64, 8 August 1944.

 For conspicuous gallantry and intrepidity in action above and beyond the call of duty, 20 February 1944, while serving as pilot of a B-17 aircraft on a heavy bombardment mission over enemy-occupied continental Europe. Coming off the target he was attacked by approximately 20 enemy fighters, shot out of formation, and his plane severely crippled. Eight crewmembers were wounded, the copilot was killed by a 20-mm. shell. One engine was on fire, the controls shot away, and 1st Lt. Lawley seriously and painfully wounded about the face. Forcing the copilot's body off the controls, he brought the plane out of a steep dive, flying with his left hand only. Blood covered the instruments and windshield and visibility was impossible. With a full bomb load the plane was difficult to maneuver and bombs could not be released because the racks were frozen. After the order to bail out had been given, 1 of the waist gunners informed the pilot that 2 crewmembers were so severely wounded that it would be impossible for them to bail out. With the fire in the engine spreading, the danger of an explosion was imminent. Because of the helpless condition of his wounded crewmembers 1st Lt. Lawley elected to remain with the ship and bring them to safety if it was humanly possible, giving the other crewmembers the option of bailing out. Enemy fighters again attacked but by using masterful evasive action he managed to lose them. One engine again caught on fire and was extinguished by skillful flying. 1st Lt. Lawley remained at his post, refusing first aid until he collapsed from sheer exhaustion caused by loss of blood, shock, and the energy he had expended in keeping control of his plane. He was revived by the bombardier and again took over the controls. Coming over the English coast 1 engine ran out of gasoline and had to be feathered. Another engine started to burn and continued to do so until a successful crash landing was made on a small fighter base. Through his heroism and exceptional flying skill, 1st Lt. Lawley rendered outstanding distinguished
 and valorous service to our Nation.


This is an order that is basically the officer personnel that formed the 55th Wing.  We went from Barksdale to Ramey and then to Forbes.  Notice the notation for (N).                              ….. from George Penfield



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