55th    Wing
Hall Of Fame
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Lt.Col. Mike McFarland
Chief Master Sergeant Larry Meade
CMSgt.(Ret) Dennis Haun
MSgt. John H. "Bubba" Armintrout
Col (Ret) Joseph Gyulavics
Lt.Col. (Ret) Ricky J. McMahon
Col (Ret) Joe Siniscalchi
Col. (Ret) Mike Cook  -  Lt.Col. (Ret) Max Moore  -  Lt.Col. (Ret) Robb Hoover
Lt.Col. (Ret) Howard L. "Lynn" Duncan
Colonel (Retired) William E. "Bill" Ernst
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Lt.Col. (Ret) Jeffreey Needham
CMSgt (Ret)  Lawrence Cobb
Col (Ret) John E. Drost
Major (Ret) Eddie Mitch Phillips
Col (Ret) Merlin F. (Steve) Stevens
LtCol. (Ret) Warren L. "Pappy" Cole
Major (Ret) Thomas "Loose" Lane
Crew of RB-50G #47-145 Shot down 29 July 1953 - First Cold War casualties.
Aircraft Commander: Capt Stanley K. O'Kelly
Copilot: Capt John E. Roche
Navigator: Capt Edmund J. Czyz
Navigator: Capt Lloyd C. Wiggins
Navigator Capt James G. Keith
Raven 1: Capt Warren J. Sanderson
Raven 2: Maj Francisco J. Tejeda
Raven 3: Capt Robert E. Stalnaker
Raven 4: Capt John C. Ward
Raven 6: Capt Frank E. Beyer, Jr.
Flight Engineer: MSgt Francis L. Brown
Central Fire Control: SSgt Donald W. Gabree
Gunner/Radioman: Roland E. Goulet
Gunner: A2C Charles J. Russell
Gunner: A2C James E. Woods
Linguist: SSgt Donald G. Hill
Linguist: A2C Earl W. Radlein
LtCol (Ret) Hobart Mattison - Cold War/RB-47 recovery after hostile fire
LtCol (Ret) Roy Pop Kaden - Cold War RB-50 strat recon pioneer
Major Willard Palm   Cold War RB-47 shootdown by Soviet fighters 1 July 1960
Capt Eugene Posa - Cold War RB-47 shootdown by Soviet fighters 1 July 1960
Capt Dean Phillips - Cold War RB-47 shootdown by Soviet fighters 1 July 1960
Capt Oscar Goforth - Cold War RB-47 shootdown by Soviet fighters 1 July 1960
LtCol (Ret) James Taylor - Cold War/RC-135 EWO instructor
CMSgt (Ret) Jerald Kozlek - Gulf War/Open Skies support
Col (Ret) William Riggs -
Former 55th SRW CC/Cold War/mission transition
LtGen (Ret) Tom Keck - Former 55th Wing commander
LtGen (Ret) Phillip Ford - Former Vice CC of STRATCOM
1999    (inaugural awards)
Col (Ret) Jack Jenkins - WWII former 55th Fighter Group commander
MajGen (Ret) Edward Giller - WWII fighter pilot/downed a German Me262
Major (Ret) Walter Konantz - WWII credited with downing two Me 262s
MajGen (Ret) Howard Smith - Cold War/Strat recon pioneer
LtCol (Ret) Robert Rich -  Cold War RB-50 returned fire on MiG-19
 Col (Ret) Burton Barrett - WWII and Cold War RB-47 pioneer
Col (Ret) Bruce Olmstead - Cold War (Major Palms copilot)
Col (Ret) John McKone - Cold War (Major Palms navigator)
Col Charles Iron Mike Rafferty - Cold War/Cuban missile crisis
BrigGen (Ret) Regis Urschler - Cold War/Former 55th SRW commander
Capt Hank Dubuy - Cold War (LtCol Mattisons copilot)
LtCol (Ret) Harrison Tull - Former Tuskeegee Airman and Cold War
 LtGen (Ret) George Miller - Former 55th SRW CC and Vice CC of SAC
Col (Ret) Donald White - Former 2ACCS commander/ABNCP operations
LtGen (Ret) John Sams - Former 1ACCS commander/E-4 operations
BrigGen (Ret) Larry Mitchell - Former 55th SRW commander/Cold War
SSgt Ronald King - Killed in Kobar Towers terrorist attack
Lt Sheila OLear Kirkwood - Desert Shield/Storm RC-135 EWO
Major Edward Muddy Waters - Outstanding airmanship in RC-135 emergency

Article in the March 2017 edition of “The Compass”, the Newsletter of the Missouri Wing of The Commemorative Air Force -  by CAF Col. Joe Racine
Lt. Col. Harrison Tull was one of the Tuskegee Airmen, the first black American pilots, who flew in Europe during World War II while the military was still segregated. He was trained as a B-25 bombardier. When the war ended he became a navigation instructor. He completed B-29 Super-fortress Combat Crew Training, then Electronic Countermeasures training before serving aboard RB-47 Stratojet and RC-135 aircraft with the 55th Strategic Reconnaissance Wing. Hence the connection to our very own wing member, Joe Racine, and retired Brig. Gen. Reggie Urschler, who flew P-51 Gunfighter for the CAF. All three were in the 55th. Joe and Harry were on the same crew from March 1961 through 1964 which included the Cuban Crisis. Tull also served during the Korean and Vietnam Wars. In 2007, Tull was one of 300 Tuskegee Airmen to be awarded the Congressional Gold Medal, the highest honor that Congress can bestow upon civilians. Tull died in 2009 at the age of 89.
      2nd Lt. - 1943                                                                                                       Lt. Col. - 1970
                                         His 2nd Distinguished Flying Cross Citation reads:

Major Harrison A. Tull distinguished himself by extraordinary achievement while participating in aerial flight as Electronic Warfare Supervisor, from 3 January 1963 to 2 April 1963. During this period, while partaking in a program of international significance, Major Tull successfully met the exceptional operational requirements under the most hazardous and difficult flight conditions in an outstanding manner. The professional competence, aerial skill, and devotion to duty displayed by Major Tull reflect great credit upon himself and the United States Air Force