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Books by
 55th Association authors
See our beautiful LITHOGRAPHS here
Aviation Art
by  Mark Pestana
(Mark was a 38 SRS pilot in the '80s)
Contact:  Bill Sargent
william488@cox.net or 402-592-6627
2711 Northwood Circle, Papillion,NE 68133
Make checks payable to The 55th Wing Association
Clothing Sales &JEWELRY
    Give a big hint to the family and maybe some generous loved one will give you one for Christmas, Hanukkah, Ramadan or Kwanzaa, whatever you have going; birthday, Fathers Day, anniversary even.

  Shirts - all white with dual shield
MED-LG-XL-XXL... $35.00 + $10.45 postage
Hats  -   $12.00 + $5.45 postage
 Tie   -   $25.00 (includes postage)
This beautiful jewelry pin is perfect for you special escort to wear at all 55th events.
Guardians Of Freedom Lithographs offered
 by George Back
Brigadier General Regis Urschler commissioned the noted aviation artist Richard Wong to do this beauty. It depicts the P-51s and P-38 of the 55th Fighter Group and the "Gunfighter"
-- Guarding our Freedom-

General Urschler has donated a limited number of these lithographs to the 55th Wing Association.

(unframed) lithograph $60 plus $8 P&H
(unframed) lithograph numbered and signed $100 plus $8 P&H

George Back has donated prints of two of his paintings to the 55th Asasociation.
The first print (20:x15”) depicts the North Korean MIG attack on a 55SRW RB-47 in April 1965. As most members know, George was an Electronic Earfare Officer on that historic Cold War sortie. The battle damaged RB-47 landed safely back at Yakota AB due to the supurb piloting of A/C Matt Mattison and the gunnery skills of CP Hank Dubuy.

The second print ( 26”x16”) depicts a montage of Combat Apple RC-135M memorabilia from the 82nd SRS during the Vietnam War era (1987-1974)

Either of these prints are available for $20 each (shipping included)


Wolf Samuel's Books Bruce Bailey's Books Tommy Towery's Books
Sam Pizzo's Book The History of Big Safari
by Bill Grimes
Dear Friends and Aviators,   For $25 (a break-even price for me which includes postage) I'll mail an inscribed copy anywhere in the US. Just give me an address and any special dedication you want me to include.  Note: Although German Boy also came out as a paperback, I have only the hardback available.  (The paperback is available through amazon or your local bookstore.)

1- German Boy - A boy's story of survival during and after WWII in Germany; my personal story; introduced by Stephen Ambrose and reviewed by the New York Times.

2- Coming to Colorado - the sequel to German Boy; reviewed by the Denver Post.
3- The War of Our Childhood - German children telling their stories of survival and what they did with their lives in the postwar years; reviewed by the Washington Post.
4- I Always Wanted To Fly - the story of America's Cold War Airmen (Berlin Airlift/Korea/Strategic Reconnaissance RB-45C/RB-47E/H; Vietnam F-105/B-57/SA-2/ECM); reviewed by Booklist and Stephen Ambrose before he died.
5- American Raiders - the untold story of how the Luftwaffe was disarmed, and how two Army Air Forces colonels, Watson and Putt, transferred Germany's advanced technologies and scientists to the United States.  In other words - how the B-47 and the F-86 got their wings swept back, among many other things.  Reviewed by WWII History.

 Glory Days    by Schiffer Publishing .   click here

7. Watson's Whizzer's
: Operation Lusty and the Race for Nazi Aviation Technology (9780764335174): Wolfgang W.E. Samuel.  
see:   http://www.amazon.com/Watsons-Whizzers-Operation-Aviation-Technology/dp/0764335170/ref=sr_1_7?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1283970210&sr=1-7

8. In Defense of Freedom  The twenty-eight stories in this book serve as a graphic reminder of the selfless heroism of America's World War II Army Air Forces flyers and how necessary they were to achieve Allied victory. Wolfgang Samuel, and the men he interviewed, reveal the peril they faced to achieve a daunting task, impossible without their bravery. And their sacrifices were stunning.  American bomber crews suffered the highest casualties (KIA, MIA, POW, wounded) of all American armed services in World War II. The stories preserved in this book bear that grave danger out. A member of a heavy bomber crew in the 8th Air Force in the period from mid-1942 to spring 1944 was less likely to survive than a US Marine fighting on Iwo Jima or Okinawa.-  The stories in this unique book are about men who went face to face with their adversaries, who saw their buddies die, who crashed planes, and who became prisoners of war. Many later went on to become the backbone of the postwar Air Force, serving in Korea and Vietnam during the Cold War years.-  Young Ken Chilstrom led a flight of eight A-36 fighter bombers on a low-level foray in Italy. Only he and two others came home. Bob Hoover thought he could take on the entire German air force, but on his first mission, encountering German Fw 190s, he was shot down, nearly perished, and suffered the remainder of the war in a prisoner-of-war camp. Wolfgang Samuel's new book is all about men like Ken, Bob, and the many friends they lost, who saw World War II through to the end and gave freedom to so many others.

Note Feb 2013:  General Welsh selected 14 books for his "CSAF Reading List for 2013" and Wolf's I Always Wanted To Fly: America's Cold War Airman, made the cut.  What an honor for Wolf and a recognition of his work.  You can find the news at      http://www.af.mil/news/story.asp?id=123334991  
…….“I was asked to brief the AF Chief and AF Secretary on I Always Wanted to Fly.  It was a very pleasant meeting, also attended by the Air Force Chief Historian.  The hard copy of I Always Wanted to Fly sold out some time ago, and I have gone to the publisher and asked them to get busy printing books.  The paperback version has always been one of the more popular books at my book signings at the National Air and Space Museum downtown and at its Udvar Hazy location near Dulles.  I feel indeed honored to have my book included on this list - the book is all about courage and selfless sacrifice”……wolf 

                  TOMMY TOWERY
 "We Were Crewdogs - The B-52 Collection"
                                            (Vol. 1)

This book is a collection of stories told by 17 contributing authors who were former Crewdogs (crew members) in the US Air Force B-52 Stratofortress.  Several of these contributors are well-known authors of their own books and lend their skills to this collection.
Included are stories by a crew member of the first B-52 shot down over Hanoi during Linebacker II and the pilot of the last B-52 shot down over Vietnam. The day-to-day life of Nuclear Alert is the subject of many tales. Not all are war stories. Some are humorous insights into personal recollections of things that happened, but have never before been told.  The book has a color cover and is 5.5" x 8.5" and is 197 pages and includes black and white aircraft and crew photos and photos from alert tours and Guam and U-Tapao, the bases that were used to launch bombing missions, including Linebacker II strikes.  One chapter highlights the terms used by generations of B-52 Crewdogs.
Included in this book are six pages ready for you to record your own (or the former B-52 Crewdog you give this to) personal information about your crew position, rank, units and bases assigned, aircraft flown, decorations, and other personal memories. It is offered in a fill in the blank style that will allow you to pass down to future generations your own experiences. It will make the perfect gift for any former B-52 crewmember.
      "We Were Crewdogs II - More B-52 Crewdog Tales"
                                   (Vol. 2)

This book continues the saga of the everyday lives of B-52 Crewdogs. It is the second in the series and contains 58 new stories by 30 authors associated with the B-52 operations. Just released in October of 2006, it is a 5.5" x 8.5" color-covered softback book with 339 pages. It is 1/3 larger than "We Were Crewdogs - The B-52 Collection" and includes black and white photos along with the stories.
Included is the story by an EW who was aboard a B-52 that was shot down over New Mexico by an Air National Guard F-100, a crewmember aboard a B-52 that had a mid-air with another B-52 on a Southeast Asian bombing mission, and a Crewdog who ejected from a Guam-launched BUFF into a typhoon and was rescued by a submarine.   
A captivating look at what B-52 crews faced in the Cold War and during the Vietnam era. So many politicians and journalists - too many - like to look at military life from 35,000 feet, so they can judge it. These are the stories of the men who actually flew at 35,000 feet, and the harrowing adventures and down-to-earth humor they shared. A rare and valuable perspective. Bob Levey (Former Washington Post writer and radio host)
It is a 109 according to the Falcon Code (a copy of which is included in this collection).
This is a limited printed edition and not available in stores. Only a few copies will be available to people who did not contribute stories.

         "We Were Crewdogs III - Peace Was Our Profession"
                                           (Vol. 3)

Following in the success of the first two books, this new addition to the series is a collection of 44 new stories about life in the Strategic Air Command as a crewmember of a B-52 aircraft. Told by 44 authors, these stories give the real story of what it took to fly the BUFF.
      Volume III continues the saga of the everyday lives of B-52 Crewdogs. It is the third in the series and was released in November 2007. It is a 5.5" x 8.5" color-covered soft back book with 250 pages.
For more information and order forms go to   http://www.wewerecrewdogs.com     also check out:  http://www.youtube.com/user/tommytowery
                             Bruce Bailey's Books

The Elite 
 -  the story of a unique class of Aviation cadets in the ‘50s. A total misfit begins his cadet days by knocking out an upper classman. His group is subjected to treatment no other class had to endure, as the upper class wants revenge.        www.publishamerica.com        Author – Bruce Bailey

As The Crow Flies   special RB-47 operations out of a Turkish base, involving a unique crew.  The ‘HOT’ missions of the Cold War are revealed as they dice with Soviet defenses.  It is filled with humor, excitement and suspense.
Xlibris.com/bookstore  & Booksurge.com   under author name of R. Adam Solo
Essential, But Expendable   operating from a secret underground base in the eastern desert of Turkey, a lone crewmember survives the destruction of his RB-57 deep inside theUSSR He joins a band of Kurds and fights the Russians from the Caspian Sea to Turkey, only to be imprisoned by his own government.
Xlibris.com/bookstore    under author name of R. Adam Solo
Rencounter -
 a thrilling spy novel.  The intelligence organizations of China, the USSR and the U.S. clash over the secrets of a device that renders aircraft undetectable by normal means.  The battle takes place in California, aboard a cruise ship to Hawaii, in Honolulu, in Hong Kong, in Macao and finally in southern China.
Xlibris.com/bookstore    under author name of R. Adam Solo
Flying The RB-47  - over 200 funny tales and war stories involving RB-47 operations and 70+ photos.  Large 7x10 format (both paperback and hardcover).    Booksurge.com    author Bruce Bailey
Red-Headed & Wrong-Handed   growing up in Crystal Springs, MS and a military career, both hampered by having red hair, being left-handed and several other physical afflictions.  Over 200 funny tales and 70+ photos.  Avail in both soft and hard cover.     http://www.authorhouse.com/BookStore/SearchCatalog.aspx
Sam Pizzo's Book    
     As Good As It Gets
Sam advises that he has sold 400 copies between members of the 55th SRWA, The Roadrunners, (Area 51 ... Blackbird) Association, and a few others he sold at meetings at which he has given a speech regarding his service with Uncle Sam.
He has a few books left, and continues to get calls for the book and states it's no big deal to reorder a few more from time to time.
He also states that the feedback from readers has been most gratifying and complimentary, with most stating how much it brought back long dormant pleasant memories.
If interested, forward a check for ten dollars ($10) to:

Sam Pizzo
218 Nottoway Dr. Mandeville, LA. 70471-1516
Phone: 985-845-7445



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