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Guardians of Freedom then...
Guardians of Freedom now...
Hall of Fame Your dues status ? ?  (here) Misc Stories
  Ron Panting, Mike Trubillo
55th Memorial update photo.. Susan Uribe, wife of Ray
Remember those Crew Dog Gazzettes - here's a few from the 80s Dave Young
Letter from Chuck Meyer Ted Stern
New Memory Lane story (Poem) "Teasing the Bear by Bill Watkins James S. Taylor
Yes there was a MOH recipient in the 55th Betty Rafferty
ADM Haney, Cmdr, STRATCOM to speak at 2016 Birthday Ball Ed Rupp
 EC-135 Restoration Project  Robert L. Brown
Cobra Ball 664 story in March 13th Omaha World Herald Phil Osborn
Offutt AFB Newspaper article - re. 55th Heritage John J. Pixley
Omaha World Herald article, "Close calls,...cold war memories" Enid, wife of Matt Mattison
 Be sure to checkout the 55th Association Channel on You Tube  Aristo Sul
 See History of 55th Association Cold War Memorial by Jack Kovacs
   ( Power Point Program will download to your computer for watching- hit spacebar)
Joyce, wife of Norm Paul
 See history of RB47H Restoration by AF Museum by Jack Kovacs 
  ( Power Point Program will download to your computer for watching- hit spacebar)
Ray W. Smith
See San Antonio Reunion photos here Guido Tesi
Omaha World Herald article Jan 2016 Peter M. Hurd
New Jan 2016 Newsletter avail on Members Only page Thomas A. Bauman
SMSGT Johnston promotion John O. Irwin
Holiday Wishes from 55/CC Joe W. Telford
  Sam Pizzo



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