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tales of the 55th

Sent: Friday, August 11, 2017 4:41:08 PM
Subject: 55 Wing Heritage Week - 3-9 September 2017

The week of 3 Sep-9 Sep is 55th Wing Heritage Week!   As you are all aware, the Air Force and Wing Birthday Ball is on 9 Sep -- which will be the culminating event of our 55th Wing Heritage week. 

On Friday, 8 Sep the Wing will host the 55th Wing Hall of Fame Induction and Tales of the 55th Heritage Event in the Bennie Davis Maintenance Complex, Dock 1.  Events will begin at 1300 and last until 1630.  

Each flying unit will host a Heritage Table set up in Dock 1 for this event.  I ask Group commanders of non-flying units, to please select one representative from your group for a display table.   Again, this has lots of flexibility...CG can have a tactical radio display; MSG can have the MWD set-up; etc.  I just want to celebrate the heritage of the entire 55th Wing!

I ask you to use that week to celebrate a specific Heritage event at some point during the week.  You have complete flexibility on how celebrate your heritage (BBQ, Fun Run, etc).  

You can have your POC contact Capt Hunter Horste, 55 WG/CAG for further unit display table details.  This isn't meant to be a science project.  Just a fun way to celebrate our heritage!


Col Mike Manion
55 WG/CC
"Fightin' 55th - Leads the Fight"

This is superior news to know that the 55th Commander and his staff are completely supportive of the 55th's history and legacy.
Hoo-Rah!!      Max

Help identify these 55th crewmembers from late 1950s
If you can identify these folks please send names to jim@maloney.com
Marion ? Bob Ferguson Red Winters
Raven 1 on Mattison's RB47 crew
-got shot up ny N.Koreans 4/65
"Bud" Bonham


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